Saturday, 13 August 2011

Everblaise Cap

I was recently asked to do a cap for Deana Blaise, the owner and designer of Everblaise Designs.
When it arrived Deana messaged me, saying "I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!"

The graffiti is the Everblaise Designs logo and the monster was adapted from one of Deana's fuzzy fleece monster hoodie/shrugs, as seen below:

Deana does funky and fun handmade clothing and jewellery. All one of a kind pieces at reasonable prices!
Lots of dancewear and party wear! She says "All I do is party! ahahaha"

The Everblaise Designs website is still under construction but you can view a gallery of her work on it.
Keep an eye on the Everblaise shop on where you can find one off unique pieces for sale. Follow the link below to see what she has sold so far in the shop. You can message her on the site to request your own custom work done.


"Blaze a trail in EverBlaise Designs!"