Sunday, 11 March 2018

NewStart TalkShow interview - OneMike talks about being misunderstood

Watch this revealing interview with T.E.S.T. Squad and Black Hoody Enterprize founder 
OneMike on the NewStart TalkShow.
Mike speaks on how he is often misunderstood, how he got the hook up on thisis50, and what annoys him about the current rap game.

The NewStart TalkShow is a relatively new show that really gets its interviewees to open up and be honest while dropping jewels for aspiring artists on the come up.

Interviewer King D Son says "I was tired of my old lifestyle and felt like I needed a NewStart That's when i decided to create the TalkShow, giving people the opportunity to tell their story because maybe they also thought about changing their lives. Welcome to NewStart TalkShow. Where we turn our past into Success."

Check out the OneMike interview below and subscribe to the NewStart TalkShow YouTube channel HERE

Darius Southerland, better known as King D Son, is an independent song writer and records his own music. His music is based on life and issues that he would face before and after the 2004 death of his older brother. Darius's motivation for music was from the feedback that he received from producing music for listeners from the trenches of everyday life and reality. 

He also managed and decided to successfully write and produce an independent motion film about the struggles throughout his life for the people that can actually relate or have experienced similar lifestyle.

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Friday, 9 March 2018

Winner of the My Philosophy Challenge is - A.B.Y.S.S. Tha Byssness

Back in January Scott LaRock Music Group, C75 Live, Gorilla Gear, & MJ's Hip Hop Connex announced the #MyPhilosophyChallenge. 
Entrants were asked to upload a 1 minute video of themselves rapping a verse to the 'My Philosophy' beat by B.D.P..

The winner was offered a bunch of dope prizes including 6 Blog Placements (inc,,, and,1 free mixtape placement on Spinrilla,an interview on NYC radio, and a Gorilla Gear goody bag of t-shirts/hoody/CDs!!! 

There were a number of entries including one with a very creative video, freestyles and writtens, and one that used a different beat altogether. After much deliberation the judges decided and are proud to announce the winner is.... 
A.B.Y.S.S. aka ThAbyssness

Check out  the video below to see all the entries and see if you agree:

To connect with and find out more about A.B.Y.S.S. check out her site and social media links below:
Abyss Facebook
Abyss Instagram
Abyss Soundcloud
Abyss Twitter
Abyss YouTube

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

GRIND CITY TV: Me In 60 - Cuban Pete

Grind City Entertainment Studio is a creative space that specializes in partnerships with aspiring and established professionals such as filmmakers and producers to deliver a controlled, professional production filming location for cutting edge interactive media projects.

Grind City also delivers training and mentoring courses and programs designed to help newcomers to digital media find and develop their voice and credentials to land positions within the top media outlets such as MTV, BET, and FUSE. 

Grind City is a subsidiary of JPBTV, Pennsylvania's longest running ASCAP licensed independent media outlet.

One of their outlets for artists is 'Me In 60', a 60 second long short where fans can get to know an artist that Grind City promotes through their site and social media outlets.

Below is the latest in the series done for C75 Live and FNBG Records artist Cuban Pete. Check it out and if you feel you or you're artists could benefit from something similar contact them via the form on their website HERE



New Music: Graveyard Shifter - Gotham Dark season 2 - Stream

Graveyard Shifter dropped his latest project today, on the day of his birth.
Gotham Dark (Season 2) continues the ongoing saga of a being who is not the same as us.

C75 Live alumni, Graveyard Shifter, an archiect of a unique flow called "tombstone raps" is driven by the knowledge of mythology, philosophy,intellectuality and the abundance of concepts within his memory data banks. he dubs his style of music Retro futuristic sino american raps where he delves into at times futuristic sounding beats displaying the art of flow and knowledge

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself will the image in the mirror talk back?
Am i alone in this universe? Who am I? What am I?

Press play and join Graveyard Shifter as he takes you through a mad mans attempt to understand all of those wonderings and more.

Artwork for the project is by

Stream below and download HERE


Tuesday, 6 February 2018


DJ EnYouTee dropped the latest episode of his No Ideas Original Radio Show this week featuring none other than Cuban Pete's latest track 'The Devil Is Dope'.

With special guest Maylay Sparks, the musical line up featured a talented array of artists including Skyzoo, DOOM, Apathy, Planet Asia, Nature, Evidence, PRhyme, Gab Gotcha, and many more in nearly three hours of music and Hip Hop talk.

The "No Ideas Original" Radio Show every Saturday Night From 1AM-3AM EST. 
Live Stream Can Be Heard Around The World At

Stream the show below:

DJ Enyoutee Facebook
No Ideas Original on Podmatic

Tuesday, 23 January 2018


Cuban Pete drops new video 'The Devil Is Dope'
Second track off the upcoming Renaissance Man mixtape.

The storming track is produced by Streetdemon Beats and mixed & mastered to perfection by fellow Gorilla Army head D.Original Mr.Blue, who is also featured on the mixtape.

The track features  a cosign from Scott LaRock Jr at the end of the last verse, where he gives a shoutout after a reference to the street sign that was raised in his fathers honor last year. C75 Live (Cuban Pete's imprint), FNBG Records (the label he's signed to), and SLR Music Group (Scott Jr's label), work closely together.

Check out the video below and download the track HERE

Cover art by


Sunday, 21 January 2018

ECKB / Zu Ninjaz presents IRIE - The Game (VIDEO) / Its Nuffin (STREAM)

Irie drops a double whammy with 'The Game' and 'Its Nuffin'.

Irie has been in the game a while now. Also known as Dre Street, Dremalino, and 5Ft Hyper Sniper. He is part of the ODB affiliated group Zu Ninjaz and also part of supergroup East Coast Killa Beez (read about them HERE).

Check out his new video for The Game below:

On 'Its Nuffin' Irie is joined by Judah Priest and Zomb G, and also features Dijohn and Smoke.
The track is taken off Zomb G's upcoming 'Z Code' project.
Stream below and buy the track HERE.

Artwork for the track is by

Irie / Dre Street Facebook

Sunday, 14 January 2018

SLR Music Group, C75 Live, MJs Hip Hop Connex, & Gorilla Gear present the #myphilosophychallenge


On the brand page @slrmusicgroup on Instagram they recently ran a challenge called the #noneofyallbetterchallenge
People have been hitting up SLR Head Scott LaRock Jr asking if they are doing another one and the answer is Yes!!! The #MyPhilosophyChallenge

SLR Music Group, C75 Live, Gorilla Gear, & MJ's Hip Hop Connex are offering: 
1 free mixtape placement on @Spinrilla 
an interview on NYC radio
and a Gorilla Gear goody bag of t-shirts/hoody/CDs!!!

To enter all you have to do is:
Submit A 1 Minute Video Of Yourself Freestyling To The "My Philosophy" Instrumental
Tag @scottlarockjr @slrmusicgroup @c75designs @officialgorillaarmy & @mjshiphopconnex on instagram 
(Links at bottom of post)
And Make Sure U Follow Those Pages!

#myphilosophychallenge #slrmusicgroup #c75live 

LET'S GO!!!! 

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