Wednesday 21 September 2016

RHYME REGULATORS CDs and B.Dvine shirts AVAILABLE NOW! & Dvine Time Promotions have brought you three volumes in the series so far, with vol 4 on the way. You can find them via the B.Dvine website or by clicking the Rhyme Regulators tab on this site.

Not only did C75 owner/artist Cuban Pete design the cover art but you can also find his music on each volume. Cuban can be seen below sporting a B.Dvine tshirt, available on the site, aswell as physical copies of Rhyme Regulators that he will be sending out with C75 custom clothing orders.

Check out volumes 1-3 HERE and watch out for vol 4 coming soon!

Sunday 18 September 2016

Iron Wind 'The Warrior Inside' album OUT NOW! / Collab ep with Cuban Pete

Iron Wind recently dropped his new album 'The Warrior Inside' on Protect Ya Neck Records.
The Colorado Iron Wu chamber member first came to prominence with his debut Bloodwind in 2014, followed by his acclaimed PYN debut 'Storm Of The Century' in 2015. Now he drops his self produced full length 'The Warrior Inside' featuring the hit single and video of the same name.

Get your own copy of the album, and much more, at
Check out the video below:

At the suggestion of another PYN artist, Judah Priest, C75 Live artist/owner Cuban Pete contacted Iron Wind and following a meeting of the minds the two are working on an as yet to be titled ep to be released later in the year, with Cuban going by his aka Granite Grill. Beats will be handled by Wu DJ Coalition member DJ W.I.Z. and will have a couple of surprise features.

Monday 5 September 2016

NEW ALBUM: Judah Priest - Darkworld - OUT NOW!!! (inc video interview)


Judah Priest is an American hip hop artist affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clans Brooklyn Zu & Ghetto Government Officials.  A Native of Philadelphia Judah lived most of his life between Philadelphia and New York. 

Living most of his life surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, popularity and the constant rush for fame, Judah Priest began to put his hopes in the wrong things such as selling drugs, sexual immorality, and living a violent lifestyle. While on the road to becoming a product of his environment, Judah Priest still wanted to be successful in the music industry. 

 At age 17 his older brother Buddha Monk of WuTang Clan / Brooklyn Zu took the young Judah Priest under his wing and trained him in the studio and on stage.  At the age of 19 Judah Priest became a member of Chamber Musik Records working with Joey “G Clef” Cavaseno, spent time with Sony Red, and had a brief stint with G Unit branch off label G Unit Rydahs.  

Since 2001 Judah Priest has recorded and performed with Wu-Tang Clan artist such as Cappadonna, Holocaust, Solomon Childs, Ghost Face Killah, Sunz of Man, Darkim Be Allah and more. Having released a successful debut album in 2004 titled "Valley Of Kings", and his 2014 release "Dark Ages”, he recently released his new album "Darkworld". 

Judah Priest is now working with WuTang Affiliate Labels Hell Razah Musik Inc and Protect Your Neck Records along with memberships in Zu Bulliez, G.G.O & 144,000 Chosen Few.

The album Darkworld is available on all digital platforms inc iTunes.

You can also catch Judah on C75 Live owner/artist, and fellow G.G.O. member, Cuban Pete's album (coming soon) as well as appearing on other projects together.

Check out the interview below and check out his website and social media using the links below that:



Saturday 3 September 2016


C75 Live artist/owner Cuban Pete was recently invited by Official Gorilla Army General D.Original Mr Blue to be down with the team and of course accepted. 
Members also include Ape Shit, Blend, Bdi, Lord Subliminal, Dj A Sharp, Nitti, Farley, Bazooka Joe, & Stilly Mac Milly.

In 2007 Mr Blue founded the label Hoodwatch. Releases include Money Train, True Testaments, Abandon City, Cipha Kings, and most recently the four track ep 'The Beast From The East' featuring Doo Wop and Blend; available to buy HERE.

D.Original Mr.Blue is currently finishing up the 'Lyrical Terrorist' ep with Goretex (of Non Phixion), longtime partner in rhyme Dingo, and Dj A-Sharp on the cutz. Plus his full length album 'The Miracle', both releases fully produced by Mr.Blue.

Peep the video below and look out for new music from the Gorilla Army coming soon!