Monday 29 February 2016

DJ Eddy Starks - The Digital King 19 - Hosted by Billy Danz (M.O.P.) - DOWNLOAD

Mixtape 19 in the series from DJ Eddy Starks, part of the CashBackMafia Family, hosted by Billy Danze from THE WORLD FAMOUS M.O.P.!!!!
Featuring C75 Live artist Cuban Pete on track 18

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DOWNLOAD HERE: Spinrilla Site
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Wednesday 24 February 2016

Menace OBEZ - Fuck Wat You Say - VIDEO

New video from leader of Team OBEZ, Onebody Enterprise, and Zu Bulliez General; Menace OBEZ.
'Fuck Wat You Say' features a brief cameo from C75 Live artist Cuban Pete at the 14 sec mark.
The video was shot and directed by Luni Films

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#teamobez #onebodyent #menaceobez #lunifilms 

Friday 19 February 2016

Cuban Pete - Stages EP coming soon! AND T-shirt offer!

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Well things are in limbo with my standalone single 'Murder Plans' and the ones which were to follow due to label issues, so while that's being sorted out I'm planning a 5 track ep called Stages. Based on the 5 stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Each track will be about a part of my life and reflect a different stage in both mood and subject matter.

From 'Depression' : 

"I've only got associates,
friends I can't depend on em,
love my PC,
but even Windows isn't genuine"

No features, just me. I'm going to be pushing this myself to further interest in myself and C75 Live.

- Cuban Pete

C75 is producing a t-shirt featuring the cover art from the ep.
Every purchase will receive a FREE digital copy of the ep upon its release.
Please click the picture of the shirt below to go to the purchase site:

Keep it Live, Keep it C75!

Monday 15 February 2016

Krumbsnatcha's UNITED NATIONZ Mixtape - Coming Soon!

Here is the lead single off the United Nationz mixtape from Krumbsnatcha coming this summer. It will feature artists from all over the globe including C75 Live artist Cuban Pete repping the UK. Check out the track and artwork below.

Saturday 13 February 2016

'Take one For The Team' ep cover art

This is the artwork for the 'Take One For The Team' ep coming end of March on C75 Live/OneBody Enterprise.

Some sensitive types are taking offence on social media cos they feel threatened their crown is in jeopardy. Or that I'm somehow involved in their pillow fights with others. Take it how you want. That pantie bunch must be uncomfortable but I get it, promotion is promotion. But I'm not one of these soap opera rappers and we're not on the level where it's getting on TMZ or anything so ‪#‎takearest‬

Thursday 4 February 2016

Dre street aka Dremalino - Behind Enemy Lines - ARTWORK!

Coming soon, mix cd by Dre street aka Dremalino - Behind Enemy Lines.

With guest appearances by #dungeonmasta #paulmarz #capone from cnn #cheenablack #alexjones #fuquan from grave diggaz #popachief #mistakrimzon #msbundy #therealkrayz #youngdirty #cubanpete #hustlerscartel #offdablokfamily #shortystain from the Brooklyn Zu #Australiaconnection #woodsmafia any plenty more to be announced.

Artwork by C75 Designs 

Monday 1 February 2016

Judah Priest - No Justice No Peace - NEW VIDEO!

New video from Judah Priest for his track 'No Justice No Peace'.
Shot and edited by 90 @spaceshipstudio

Look out for Judah on Cuban Pete's album 'Riddle Me This' coming soon.


Wingz up!