Sunday, 22 January 2023

Cuban Pete and BoFaat - Teamwork ft Krumbsnatcha

Cuban Pete and BoFaat celebrate 'The Year Of The Rabbit' with new single 'Teamwork'

Following on from the success of their single 'International Swordz' the treacherous three are back at it bringing in the Chinese New Year with the first single from Cuban Pete and BoFaat's upcoming album 'The Year Of The Rabbit'.

The track sees the two MCs extolling the virtues of teamwork and their working bond which is evident throughout and will be shown further in their joint album available later in the year.

Lyrics by Cuban Pete and Krumbsnatcha, Beat by BoFaat, Engineered by J.Hexx Project 

Friday, 6 January 2023

Judah The Prince aka Krumbsnatcha - Judge Me


"Undue harshness and a judgmental attitude toward others will result in being treated in much the same way by God." - Matthew 7:1–5. Judah The Prince releases the final Lincoln Rossi produced single Judge Me from Saint Judah featuring Monique Tedesco, Desco, Gon Salves. Expect Iron Lion of Zion dedicated to the late Bob Marley first quarter 2023.

• Written & Performed by Judah The Prince [Krumbsnatcha]
• Produced & Mixed by Lincoln Rossi for Correra Records