Sunday 28 April 2019

NEW MUSIC: D.Original Mr.Blue - War Iz Raw


Gorilla Army General Mr Blue drops his new 5 track ep War Iz Raw
Features include Blend, Dingdo, Cuban Pete, Oktane, Bodyping, and DJ Creative on cuts.

Mr Blue produced all the whole project with Cuban Pete on artwork duties. 

Check out the ep below and purchase it HERE

Tuesday 23 April 2019

VIDEO: Karnage aka Ca$hman - Raw Flesh ft Mavz and Solomon Childs prod B.Dvine

Artwork by SmuveMassBeatz

Garden State MC; Karnage drops the 2nd single off of the upcoming album titled "WerkMode", the album from Karnage Ca$hman and B.Dvine, produced entirely by B.Dvine.

Featuring Solomon Childs and Mavz, with Dvine on the hook too, each MC takes it in turns to get beastly on the track.

Check out the Moe Haze produced video below:

VIDEO: Leddie MC ft Alex Bailey - Hunting the Hunter

Leddie MC has been setting the North East alight for a while now.
From her days with Northern Lights, to then becoming a duo with fellow former member Smoggy, to her increasingly important role as a solo performer. 

Hip Hop in the UK has always been centered on male voices from London so whether you like her music or not its highly impressive that a female voice from the North is gaining such attention.

Leddie has always been a technical MC and to hear her tell it she's almost started to dumb down to expand her fan base but there is still plenty of wordplay in there that would fly over the head of the casual listener who might hear her tracks on the radio because there's a singer on the hook.

The video for 'Hunting The Hunter' video, by Escape Route Media, brings a distinctly British urban feel as Leddie drops verses that stick a stiff middle finger up at the establishment.

'Hunting the Hunter' is available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Check out the video below and get the album Raise A Glass HERE

Keep up with Leddie on Facebook and Twitter and watch out for an appearance from her on C75 Live owner Cuban Pete's upcoming project 'West Mids 2 North Beast'

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Sunday 21 April 2019

Dee1One project coming May 12th

Dee One is Dropping his debut project titled H.A.L.L. (Hustlin All Life Long)
The project is set to drop on May 12th on all streaming services under the Scott LaRock Music Group imprint
Overseen by Scott LaRock Jr, with production from Quiet Mindz And Others, this project sets the tone for what H.A.L.L. stands for.
Check the clip:
Artwork by

Friday 19 April 2019

Pre-Order the new C75 Live Sneaker

Fed up of paying premium prices for plastic or 'knitted' kicks put together by kids for the low?
If you are going to spend your hard earned money on higher priced footwear then why not support a Hip Hop entrepreneur with a quality product instead.

The UK's Cuban Pete has been in the game for a minute and started out in the custom sneaker/clothing scene and doing digital artwork/hand illustration as C75 Designs.

Then he started taking his music more seriously by releasing albums and collaborating with the musical artists he had done artwork for previously, all under his C75 Live imprint.

Now the C75 Designs name has been dropped and the artwork and music has combined under the C75 Live umbrella.
Art + Music = C75 Live

Now C75 Live is starting to hit the ready made sneaker market by collaborating with Alive Shoes to produce the 'C75 Live' sneaker.

All custom shoes are handmade by master Italian craftsman from pristine Italian leather. Each designer pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style for a product that’s as live as the C75 brand.

This hi-top sneaker is inspired by futuristic themes. It features suede side and toe panels, and the brand logo inside the tongue and on the strap ankle belt.

Pre-Order your pair HERE

Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality collector’s edition packaging featuring amazing print quality, handmade Italian construction and a solid magnetic clip. This design piece adds great value to an already exclusive pair of custom made shoes.

Pre-Order your pair HERE

Pre-Order your pair HERE

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Cuban Pete x Samuel Tafari - Dark Leader prod Spion Liape

Dark Leader is the first single off Cuban Pete's 'Camouflage Karma' ep which is entirely produced by Spion Liape 
(check out their Soundcloud).

The track features Samuel Tafari who was also featured on Cuban's Renaissance Man mixtape. 

Watch the video below and download the track HERE

Written by Cuban Pete and Samuel Tafari
Produced by Spion Liape
Mixed and mastered by D.Original Mr.Blue 

Thursday 4 April 2019

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Ju Muny x Mavz - Nite Owls

Ju Muny and Mavz drop the official video for their track 'Nite Owls'.

The track was also produced by Mavz and the video was shot by Struggle Da Preacher.

Stream the track on Spotify
Purchase on iTunes

Check out the video below:

Ju Muny


Struggle Da Preacher

Tuesday 2 April 2019

MIXTAPE: Scrooge Owens - The Old Me - Stream

Scott LaRock Music Group signee Scrooge Owens drops his highly awaited mixtape The Old Me

Scrooge says: "Sometimes you gotta remind people of who you are or at minimum who you were. They see the new you and either don't know or forget how you give it up so you gotta show the ''THE OLD ME".

If you knew this man on this cover than you knew he was NO JOKE..Drugs, Shooting, and a homicide case that almost landed me a lifetime federal bid or 30 plus years.

After realizing what my actions left behind I decided to come home and be a better father to my son and man to my family but sometimes people bring that old you back out! This is what you wanted so now you got it! THE OLD ME!"

Stream the project below: