Tuesday 2 April 2019

MIXTAPE: Scrooge Owens - The Old Me - Stream

Scott LaRock Music Group signee Scrooge Owens drops his highly awaited mixtape The Old Me

Scrooge says: "Sometimes you gotta remind people of who you are or at minimum who you were. They see the new you and either don't know or forget how you give it up so you gotta show the ''THE OLD ME".

If you knew this man on this cover than you knew he was NO JOKE..Drugs, Shooting, and a homicide case that almost landed me a lifetime federal bid or 30 plus years.

After realizing what my actions left behind I decided to come home and be a better father to my son and man to my family but sometimes people bring that old you back out! This is what you wanted so now you got it! THE OLD ME!"

Stream the project below: