Monday 31 May 2021

Toolie Bang ft Lil Wooh and OneMike - Die Slow


OneMike features on this dope track featuring the late great Toolie Bang (RIP) and Lil Wooh

 Toolie passe away at the end of 2018 and has been sorely missed since.

Friday 28 May 2021

New Music: B.Dvine - Culture Shock



B.Dvine has been putting in the work, from music to his new clothing line, and his latest well rounded project shows it was all worth it.

With current single 'What The Wave Is' making waves on Tik Tok, with T-Pain on hook duty, B.Dvine drops his latest outing 'Culture Shock'.

Dvine produces the whole affair and each track has the perfect tone for the subject matter.

Tone Spliff adds cuts to the opening album titled track with B.Dvine setting out his place in the game. B warns sucka MCs to 'Slow Dow'n on track 2 before linking up with Pacewon on 'Pain Away' where both MCs trade rhymes about their ways of relieving the stress of the day to day.

Guitarist Ross May adds his licks and hook vocals to 'Overloaded' before catchy current single 'What The Wave Is' kicks in with T-Pains autotune sangin smoothing out the hook while Dvine and D-Rage let you know they are the wave.

Dvine advises haters and non believers to 'Deal With It' before his keep ya head up style ode to real women on 'Real Destination'.

Truck Jewels (fka Mavz) jumps on the lyrical warning to MCs called 'Don't Want That' before the final track 'Find A Way Make A Way' ends the short but beautifully formed project. The One Lavic lends her distinctive vocals to the hook while Dvine asserts his perserverance and determination to make it against all odds.

Overall its another solid release to add to your C75 Live associated artist collection.

Get the album HERE


Every Friday Dvine is releasing a visual for every track on the album so watch out for those. You can see the video for 'What The Wave Is' HERE. Check out the latest visual for title track 'Culture Shock' below:

Friday 21 May 2021

Cuban Pete - Around The Globe feat Krumbsnatcha, Kinetik, Solomon Childs prod DJ WIZ

"Elephant weight, regardless, imma regulate, sucker emcees we annihilate, eliminate when they perpetrate." — Solomon Childs
In a celebration of all things Hip-Hop... "Around The Globe" is a worldwide collaboration from UK rapper Cuban Pete, Boston lyricist Krumbsnatcha, Staten Island, Wu-Tang affiliate Solomon Childs and New England artist Kinetik, from Cuban's upcoming DJ WIZ produced album.

• Written by Cuban PeteKrumbsnatchaKinetik & Solomon Childs
• Beat by DJ WIZ [Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition]
• Mixed & Mastered by Mavz Media

Saturday 15 May 2021

WorXx ft OneMike - No Handouts


WorXx drops new single 'No Handouts' featuring OneMike

TEST Squad are back at it as the track sees both MCs letting people know they are their own men and don't need handouts. Boss work!

Check out the track below:



Friday 14 May 2021

Regal Feat Cuban Pete - Mr Real 1


Mind Power Entertainment artist Regal drops visuals for her track 'Mr Real 1'

The track is a dedication and ackowledgement to all the 9-5 dudes that try and live on that straight and narrow path. C75's Cuban Pete plays that role for his guest verse, laying down how he gets through the day to day.

Regal says "Salute To ALL Mr Real 1'z. We see you on the day to day grind! Please stay focused you're appreciated!"

Available at Mind Power Entertainments bandcamp HERE

Check out the video below:

Shot by Tierra Diaz EspĂ­ritu Artist Feat Johnny O. T2Boys and Tejano Lipps Dj 

Caper feat Taiyamo Denku, Kartune & Cuban Pete - Hidden Gems


We all find hidden gems everywhere. Imagine four dope emcees coming together to manifest the best hidden gems in a song. 

Caper made it happen and spits first followed by Denku. Kartune is up third with Cuban Pete closing the track off with fire bars. Bo Faat gives us the ambiance as the emcees slaughter it to define the ultimate gems.

Stream the track below and get it HERE



Thursday 13 May 2021

B. Dvine Feat. T-Pain & D-Rage - What The Wave Is - OFFICIAL VIDEO

 B.Dvine calls in the big guns, in the form of 'rappa ternt sanga' T-Pain, for his sure to be summer smash single 'What The Wave Is'

The track, also produced by B.Dvine, is the perfect vehicle for the MC's to show the haters and doubters what the wave is. 

The animated visuals, by @toondoutmedia, tell their own story of Dvine, Pain, and newcomer D-Rage, as they battle the green haired bad guy in a video game world.

This is the first track off Dvine's new project 'Culture Shock', pre-order HERE, out May 27th!.

Get 'What The Wave Is' on Spotify - Amazon - Deezer - applemusic - Tik Tok
and many more digital platforms

Check out the video below and the links at the bottom of this post:

The Official Video from B. Dvine Feat. T-Pain & D-Rage “What The Wave Is”
Produced by: B. Dvine
Animation by: @toondoutmedia
Mixed by: @unspokenvirtue
IG: @BDVINE631 @tpain @d_rage808ns

Pre-Order D-Rage’s Album “Deep Fire” Out June 11th HERE

Support Divine Time Enterprises Merch HERE

B. Dvine’s Website HERE

Friday 7 May 2021

Full Blast Booking Announces Dates For Tour For Life - Mental Health, Suicide Prevention Charity Tour

#TourForLife is an annual multi genre live music charity tour of New England presented by Mental Health Connecticut and Full Blast Booking.

The line up includes some heavy Hip Hop hitters such as the legendary Rakim, Wu-Tang's Cappadonna, Rittz, Pacewon, and Brother Ali. Theres also a dope supporting list of artists, including C75 Live's B.Dvine and many more!

There will also be a surprise guest headliner for the NY show which will be announced soon!

100% of show proceeds to Mental Health Connecticut. Established in 1908, they're one of the nation's oldest nonprofit mental health agencies with a mission of partnering with individuals, families, and communities to create environments that support long-term health and wellness.

 Dates have just been announced as August 26th to 29th in Oakdale (NY), Worcester (MA), Manchester (NH), and Bridgeport (CT). Tickets go on sale June 1st.

Check out the info below:


Check out the #TourForLife Facebook Group (click link)

This group is to share all things on the tour, as well as info/resources on mental health management and suicide prevention. but most importantly its a SUPPORT group.
Support each others well being, support each others art, music, businesses, etc!
We are an underground, independent force to be reckoned with when we come together on the front lines to pursue our passions, and battle suicide and the overall stigma of mental health!

Sunday 2 May 2021

Blade presents 05:21 - Rebuilding The Independent Music Scene

 A lot of you may know UK legend Blade. The London based MC has been in the game for decades blessing us with his own brilliance on classic records from the britcore days to now.

His latest endeavor is to rebuild a scene that saw a lot of independant artists hit hard by recent events. 

Too many people just watch videos and don't respond, or only support people they work with, and because of this a lot of good music goes under the radar.

"I need an army of positive minded believers and doers to make this work, the more the merrier. You need to be unselfish, be willing to support others, not just your people. You need to take this serious and stay involved. If we pull together many will reap the rewards. WE DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY, JUST A FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME EACH DAY will make the difference. You need to have faith and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day."

The 05:21 YouTube has Music Video Uploads supporting all genres of music, Sofa Chats with people from all walks of life, Freestyles, Live Performance, and more!

Visit and subscribe to the 05:21 YouTube HERE

05:21 social media:

Saturday 1 May 2021

New Music: Sixxpho - I Said That

Sixxpho drops hot new single 'I Said That'  
Spitting that real talk as only Sixx can
Check the video below and get the audio on AppleMusic, Spotify, and most other digital platforms