Thursday 13 May 2021

B. Dvine Feat. T-Pain & D-Rage - What The Wave Is - OFFICIAL VIDEO

 B.Dvine calls in the big guns, in the form of 'rappa ternt sanga' T-Pain, for his sure to be summer smash single 'What The Wave Is'

The track, also produced by B.Dvine, is the perfect vehicle for the MC's to show the haters and doubters what the wave is. 

The animated visuals, by @toondoutmedia, tell their own story of Dvine, Pain, and newcomer D-Rage, as they battle the green haired bad guy in a video game world.

This is the first track off Dvine's new project 'Culture Shock', pre-order HERE, out May 27th!.

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Check out the video below and the links at the bottom of this post:

The Official Video from B. Dvine Feat. T-Pain & D-Rage “What The Wave Is”
Produced by: B. Dvine
Animation by: @toondoutmedia
Mixed by: @unspokenvirtue
IG: @BDVINE631 @tpain @d_rage808ns

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