Friday 28 May 2021

New Music: B.Dvine - Culture Shock



B.Dvine has been putting in the work, from music to his new clothing line, and his latest well rounded project shows it was all worth it.

With current single 'What The Wave Is' making waves on Tik Tok, with T-Pain on hook duty, B.Dvine drops his latest outing 'Culture Shock'.

Dvine produces the whole affair and each track has the perfect tone for the subject matter.

Tone Spliff adds cuts to the opening album titled track with B.Dvine setting out his place in the game. B warns sucka MCs to 'Slow Dow'n on track 2 before linking up with Pacewon on 'Pain Away' where both MCs trade rhymes about their ways of relieving the stress of the day to day.

Guitarist Ross May adds his licks and hook vocals to 'Overloaded' before catchy current single 'What The Wave Is' kicks in with T-Pains autotune sangin smoothing out the hook while Dvine and D-Rage let you know they are the wave.

Dvine advises haters and non believers to 'Deal With It' before his keep ya head up style ode to real women on 'Real Destination'.

Truck Jewels (fka Mavz) jumps on the lyrical warning to MCs called 'Don't Want That' before the final track 'Find A Way Make A Way' ends the short but beautifully formed project. The One Lavic lends her distinctive vocals to the hook while Dvine asserts his perserverance and determination to make it against all odds.

Overall its another solid release to add to your C75 Live associated artist collection.

Get the album HERE


Every Friday Dvine is releasing a visual for every track on the album so watch out for those. You can see the video for 'What The Wave Is' HERE. Check out the latest visual for title track 'Culture Shock' below: