Saturday 30 December 2017

New Video: D.Original Mr.Blue ft Cuban Pete - The Dirty Duo


Taken from the album 'The Miracle' 
available for FREE DOWNLOAD here -

Gorilla Army General D.Original Mr.Blue drops a track off his new album 'The Miracle' featuring fellow Army recruit, and Gorilla Gear designer, Cuban Pete from the UK.

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Cuban Pete at

Visuals are courtesy of Zimaut Animation (
Contact them here
Additional footage taken from the original 1962 trailer for Godzilla vs King Kong.

Visuals put together by
Cuban Pete signed to FNBG Records


MJ:   I’m hyped for tonight’s interview as it’s always a pleasure to chop it up with Chicago’s own Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Motivational Speaker, and Writer Eddy Lamarre, known worldwide as Precise.  Here we are 4 years later and I want to first and foremost thank you for taking time from your industry moves for another interview! Let me also say that 4 years later I still listen to “Ladies Love Mixtapes” on a regular basis!
Precise: Hey MJ, thank you so much for that. I really appreciate you and the fact that you still listen to LLM, means so much.
MJ:  For those who are not familiar you grew up in a Haitian household where music was as natural as eating!  Your father was in a band and played instruments. What was it like for you to watch your father in his element?  Was that the initial spark that ignited your passion and love for music?
Precise: What I remember mostly was being surrounded by music all the time. The camaraderie and creativity always intrigued me. I knew it was something I always wanted to do. Hip-Hop provided the vehicle for me to follow this dream.

MJ:  You mention how you always dreamed about becoming a rapper.  But your first taste of Hip Hop and the culture was deejaying.  How did that evolve?  From there you went on to join a Hip Hop group.  Did you feel that something was missing?  Did you feel the need to experience and emerge into more within the culture? Is that when you decided to begin a solo career?
Precise: As a Chicagoan from the south side of the city House Music was always prevalent. I was always impressed by the blends and one of my friends John Evans who is a master at blending showed me the ropes. As I was learning how to deejay rap was evolving. I could always write and decided to write some rhymes the first verse I wrote was to Aaron Halls “Don’t be afraid”. It was mad wack but it got me started.  I did a few talent shows sharpened my skills then met two of my closest friends Vic “Creole the Individual” Moore and Christopher “Ideal” Rice, may he rest in peace. We formed Nub Earth and gained some notoriety in the city. Soon after life happened, we split and I decided not to put my pen on the shelf. I linked with Tye Hill and DJ Thunder of the Produktionix and we did my song “It’s On Me” and I was able to get back to what I love.
MJ:  You credit KRS-One, Slick Rick, Mos Def, Rakim, among other Hip Hop pioneers and legends for your style of lyricism.  You credit them as your canvas to paint beautiful images through lyrics.  I have followed you since our first interview about 4 years ago.  There are many attributes that classify you as unique and genuine.  The one attribute that stands out the most for me is your dedication to the culture of Hip Hop and not conforming to what media portrays as Hip Hop.  Hip Hop is not a genre of Music; it is a lifestyle.  Conforming to the latest trends that involve zero talent is a lane you refuse to follow.  Talk a little bit about that.
Precise: At some point in the evolution of Hip-Hop so many people would use rap and Hip-Hop interchangeably. I always want to make it clear that Hip-Hop is the culture and rap is one of the ways I express the culture. This culture has spread all over the world and it’s important not to lose sight of how it started and why its origins are important.
MJ:  22 years ago you had a life altering experience that continues to impact your life.  Share your Million Man March enlightenment.   What kind of influence did that historical event have on you as a man and as artist?
Precise: The Million March changed me in so many ways. The main way was it made me realize that I had to grow up and be a better man and a better father. Black men have a tough struggle around the world. To see one million black men gather for change was a transformation and always serves as a reference point in my development. I became more spiritual and self aware. I continue to grow every day.
MJ:  I want to thank you!  Thank you for creating music not for the now, not for popular hits, but for the longevity!  “That Ol’ Boom Bap” is a perfect example of that music.  It is and will remain a timeless classic regardless of release date!  Share with us the story behind that track and how important that track is to you and to your fans, and to the culture of Hip Hop.


Precise: My manager Redell Drakeford linked me with an amazing DJ by the name of Dj Tekwun from New York. He was working on a release and I was fortunate enough to make the cut. “That Ol’ Boom Bap” is an ode to the culture and a nod to what is new. We can’t have one without the other.
MJ:  I want to also take this time to salute you!  Not only are you a phenomenal lyricist, but you are also an Actor, Writer, and Motivational Speaker.  How did those roles come about in your career?
Precise: All of us have a plethora of gifts. These are things that I was inspired to do. In this day and age there really is no excuse not to pursue your dreams. Nothing can stop you. I’ve done some sketch comedy, I write for the national publication and I use my words to effect change. I speak truth to power. I speak life to the world.
MJ:  Talk about the youth!  Tell us the first three words that come to mind when you think of our youth.  Why has educating our youth become such a mission for you?
Precise: The first three words are love, future, and blessing. Educating the youth properly is important to not only their future but to ours because they are the leaders of tomorrow. We need to feed them properly and share positive vibes that lend to growth and a better world.
MJ:  For all your fans, supporters, and followers take a minute to share about current and upcoming projects.
Precise: I’m currently working on a project called “Man of the Ages”.  I have a song called “Speak Life” on all the streaming services that’s been picking up some steam. Right now I’m focused on getting better in all aspects of my life.
MJ:  Give us some fun facts!  Why Precise as your artist name?  What 3 artists are in your personal play list?  Where are your favorite places to tour?
Precise: I got my name from a Gangstarr song called “Precisely The Right Rhymes”… Right now the three artists I have in my playlist are Rapsody, Tyler the Creator, and G Herbo… I like New York, New Orleans, and Miami as places to tour.

MJ:  When we come back to the table in another 4 years what will we be catching up on?
Precise: 4 years from now when we catch up I hope to have grown as an artist and as someone who can influence others. My project would have broken some records and I’ll be moving on into the next phase of my career doing speaking tours.
MJ:  Is there anything else you would like the world to know about Precise?
Precise: I would like the world to know that I am doing this for a purpose. The reason I speak into a mic is for the uplifting of my people and the culture. I would also like people to know that I am grateful and appreciative to the creator for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me. Also, stay focused, positive, and productive.
MJ:  I want to thank you again for taking the time out for this exclusive.  I want to thank you for being true to the culture and for creating that feel good music, that undeniable bona fide Hip Hop!

Management: Redell Drakeford
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Thursday 28 December 2017


Mr QB Ruc is back at it again with this cinematic street banger produced by B.Dvine!
Take a listen to the story Ruc has to tell.

Cover art by

Ruc has been putting it down for Queensbridge since the early 90's, as part of Killa Kids. He worked with Nas on the Queens Finest album and released his latest album recently 'Last Of Dying Sound', available on iTunes HERE.

Stream below and download HERE

Mixed by Nu Kirk and B.Dvine.

Don't forget to visit

MXNXPXLY FAMILY Presents The Release of MXNXPXLY MAYHEM The Mixtape @mxnxpxly_family

MXNXPXLY FAMILY presents John Jigg$ x Rockwelz x M.O.U.F “MXNXPXLY MAYHEM” The Mixtape, available now for download on all digital music outlets.
The mixtape holds justice to its name and is rousing mayhem across all New York boroughs, and gaining full speed momentum on the east coast. 
The trio that makes up the family are New York emcees and producers John Jigg$, Rockwelz, and M.O.U.F.  Each artist exhibits extensive world-wide accolades and solo success in both the Hip Hop scene and music industry.  The trio has a history of collaborating with major artists and Hip Hop legends from EPMD to Wu, so naturally it was only a matter of time before these talented artists, business partners, and friends joined forces to manifest a movement like no other!
Although Jigg$, Rockwelz, and M.O.U.F are notorious for their New York gritty bars and lyrics, they have stepped out of their comfort zone to create a mixtape that all walks of life will collectively take in, relish, and instantly become fans of.  Don’t be mistaken, the trio undeniably comes strong on the album with their gritty trademark, but also has a unique and impressive approach of “the streets meet the clubs”!

“Make It Up” Official Video Produced by Mic West

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Thursday 21 December 2017

Get To Know: Gambo - The hood hippie

Mike "Gambo" Gamaitoni is a Hip Hop artist from Wilmington, DE currently residing in South Florida. 
Gambo started as an engineer and producer that fell in love with hip hop and lyricism at an early age. By the age of 16, he was producing and recording for local rappers in his area. Once he started writing and rapping, he became known for his lyrical genius and impressive flow. 

After high school unfortunately he fell in with the wrong crowd. For years he was wrapped up in drug dealing and drug addiction. After getting sober and deciding to change his ways in 2012, he moved to South Florida to start over. His passion for music was reborn and he joined forces with his long time friend and artist " L Vatio " to form Hood Hippie Entertainment. 

Hood Hippie Ent. quickly became known as one of the elite local brands for quality urban artists which is how he originally met Bobble. After a few years sober, Gambo took a job in the Addiction Treatment field and currently works for a music based center called Soundpath recovery. Here, he gets to exercise both of his passions which is music and helping people overcome their struggles. 

If you like real, authentic music, with deep meaning and heavy lyrical content.. Gambo is the perfect artist for you.

Peep the video for 'Missing' below: If anyone has ever been in a dark place you can relate to this song, one of the fan favorites off of his latest EP, Dual Perspective.


Transformations Treatment 
FOR HELP CALL 888.724.7616

Co owner of Hood Hippie ENT

Snapchat: GamboGetsIt


Wednesday 13 December 2017

New Music: DJ Verbal Klint - Next 2 Blow Vol 5

DJ Verbal Klint releases this months installment of NEXT2BLOW.

Verbal hosts his own show on Desert Storm Radio as well as releasing his Next 2 Blow mixtape series with new artists hungry to make a buzz.

Vol 5 features Dee Wile, VK Tuneage, Fast Lane Coley, J Starks P-Dot, Cuban Pete, Lil Mike, Lil Hines, TA Corleone, ODrama Rush, Lil Toochie, and more.

Check out his show weekdays 9am CST (US) on

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Tuesday 12 December 2017

New Music: Alonzo Fury - 'Survival Season' - STREAM

Alonzo Fury drops his new self produced project 'SURVIVAL SEASON'

 ''I dont have any money, no expensive studio, no entourage, just my talent and 
ambition which will help me get those things in the future...''
                -Aries ''Alonzo Fury'' Burrell

Alonzo says "Music is my therapy. I rap about what I have been through, and everything that I have experienced. I want people who have been through or are going through the same things to know that they aren't alone.".

Alonzo works with Scott Larock Jr, son of Hip Hop legend Scott LaRock of B.D.P., and his label; SLR Music Group. He is featured on a number of their projects including their first two mixtapes. Vol 3 coming soon.
Stream the project below:

Monday 11 December 2017

New Music: Street Life produced by Tony Tone ft Brixkz, Born Unique, and Meech Love

Brand new track 'Street Life' from Wu affiliated producer Tony Tone!
Featuring Brixkz, Born Unique, and Meech Love spitting street talk all over the gritty production.

Covert art by

Stream the track below:

Tony Tone Links:

Brand New N.O.M.A.D.S Music! - Just Write - NOMADS Music/FNBG Records/ Taylor Gang Ent.

Brand new track from Just Write & N.O.M.A.D.S Music/ FNBG records called "TONY"

A fresh new sound from Just Write showcasing his ability to create catchy hooks over dope melodies. The beat itself is made by two of hip-hops freshest producers in the industry, Kid Ocean and Fly Melodies, who together have accumulated millions of plays on YouTube and worked perfectly together to create this banger. Just Write provides consistent lyrics with a fun and catchy melody.

The track's name "Tony" is a play on the name Tony Montana. The main protagonist in the cult classic film "Scarface" portrayed by Al Pacino. The hook pays homage to this famous line from the movie

 "All I have in this world is my balls and my word ....and I dont break them for nobody"

Make sure to check out all the newest NOMADS Music by following Just Write on his social media platforms and on his exclusive Soundcloud page.

Instagram: Just_Fukin_Write

Facebook: Just_Fukin_Write

Twitter: Just_Fukn_Write

Snapchat: Just-Wriite

Tuesday 5 December 2017


Sixxpho hails from Music City, USA. Being raised in the south has so much influence on his sound that there is no mistaking where he is from.

"Winters Window" is his second studio release, after "Just A Kid From The Hall", and it is filled with soul-stirring music. Music that has purpose.

His musical influences include the likes of Scarface, Bun B, Outkast, Big KRIT, T.I., and The Dungeon Family. 

Sixxpho is the latest addition to T.E.S.T. Squad and features squad leader OneMike on the track "Forever".


You can hear the remix to the track "Pressure" off the album below:

Monday 4 December 2017

NEW VIDEO: Comet - Live Ni&&A Rap Freestyle

Comet has returned with another visual off "Ny Thru My Veins Mixtape" Hosted by Blaq Poet, Mixed by Dj Flipcyide. 
Over "Live Ni&&a Rap", a Mobb Deep song produced by the most Infamous Havoc, Comet kicks that gutter shit nothing but that NY vibe.
Video filmed by J Blast Directed by Comet 
Editing by MadMen Visions

Free Mixtape Link: 

Get To Know: DJ ENYOUTEE - No Ideas Original Radio Show

DJ Enyoutee hosts the "No Ideas Original" Radio Show every Saturday Night From 1AM-3AM EST. Live Stream Can Be Heard Around The World At

This week featured the latest track, Spoils Of War, by none other than C75 head Cuban Pete. 
Download the show and check out the other shows HERE
Is also available on iTunes

Each show is packed full of dope music and interviews.
Just check out the tracklist below and stream the show on the player below that:

1. Venom - Ruff And Tuff (ft Rah Digga)
2. MED, Blu & Madlib - The Turn Up (ft Oh No)
3. Rec Ali & Giallo Point - Ruthless
4. Natural Elements - Triple Team
5. Spit Gemz - Vincent & Jules (ft Big Twins)
6. Z.Gillespie - Premeditated (ft Pacewon)
7. True Grit - Uncut (ft Tragedy Khadafi, Masta Ace, DJ Grouch)
8. Heavy Metal Kings (Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz) - Golan & Globus
9. Ruste Juxx - Bird Brain
10. Tradegy Khadafi & Frost Gamble - Pain & Glory
11. Mickey Factz & Nottz - Masterpiece Remix (ft Pharoahe Monch)
12. Influence Getem - Swordplay
13. Dray Yard - NY Giants II (ft Dro Pesci, M3 The Menace, Shatike, Shabaam Sahdeeq)
14. DJ Premier & A$AP Ferg - Our Streets
15. Verbal Kent & Superior - As Far As A Fair Fight
16. Milano Constantine & J Bux - Maniac
17. Planet Asia - Hood Legends
18. Sean Price & Small Professor - Refrigerator P (ft Rock, DJ Revolution) Original Version
19. Zagnif Nori & Haleem - Savyours
20. Godilla - Sheep (ft Mr. Voodoo)
21. Lone Catalysts - The B-Boy (ft Tony Touch)
22. Frank B - Brooklyn vs All (ft Rock of Heltah Skeltah)
23. Evidence - Jim Dean
24. Da Buze Bruvaz - Shark Week (ft Alca Da Headscalpa)
25. Napoleon Da Legend - Shinobi (ft DJ Akil)
26. Danamic - Toast (ft Crucial)
27. I.N.F. - King Ralph (ft DJ TMB)
28. Nowaah The Flood - Floyd
29. Agallah - Synthetic (ft Edo.G)
30. Godilla - Human Comic
31. Westside Gunn - Down State (ft Styles P, Benny)
32. Defari - Acknowledgement (ft Evidence)
33. Unknown Mizery - This Is Our House
34. The Fix - The Lesson (ft Cayoz, Ill Conscious)
35. Gab Gotcha - 10 Fed Commandments
36. Cuban Pete - Spoils Of War
37. SPNDA & Grubby Pawz - Burn It Down (ft O.T.O., Hus Kingpin)
38. John Jigg$ - Pull Up
39. Juxx Diamondz - Playing With Fire
40. Crucial The Guillotine - Vacant (ft Kaotny)

Sunday 3 December 2017

NEW SINGLE/VIDEO - Cuban Pete - Spoils Of War - prod B.Dvine

Cuban Pete drops a new banger 
Produced by B.Dvine (

Stream the video below and download the track HERE

All visuals by C75 Designs (


True to the title DOZA goes in on some old school breakbeats and loops and manages to throw some trunk and side view mirror rattling bangers in the mix.

Sticking to his usual formula he finds the balance between then and now fusing that heavy 808 knock behind sample driven beats. He shows diversity as an emcee as he provides a different delivery to fit the tone of the song nicely. 

He ranges from Laid back and cavalier on MYNDFK and FLIP UP to savagely aggressive on SPRAY BARETTO and COMIGO. Accompanied by D.GOYNZ and the L.E.A.G.U.E. (Crise P, MoBuks, Sha Smif, and General Zodd) he closes out the project with a cypher style posse cut LULLABYE.

Stream below:

Friday 1 December 2017

Tony Tone presents Killa Black, Akult, & Solomon Childs - Golden Mask Killerz - STREAM

Wu Tang affiliated producer Tony Tone drops a new banger 
'Golden Mask Killerz'.
The track features Killa Black, Akult, and
Solomon Childs (Wu-Tang/East Coast Killa Beez).

Artwork by C75Designs

Tony has produced for artists such as Shyheim, Buddah Monk, Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man), Kinetic 9 (Killarmy), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), FesTaylor, Young Dirty Bastard, Zu Ninjaz, Judah Priest,and many many more.
If you need beats check out his links at the bottom of the post.

Stream the track below:

Tony Tone Links:

Killa Black Facebook
Akult Facebook
Solomon Childs Facebook

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Get To Know: CP Charm aka CMP

CHRISTOPHER M POWELL is a young man with a love, passion and desire for music. 
He is on a mission to break into the music industry as a new and innovative talent. 

CMP started out as a rapper and then ventured into singing. He is a former member of the hip hop group Stray Bullets, with who he performed at parties, colleges and talent shows throughout the tri state area. 

CMP then crossed over to RnB where he was a member of an RnB group called True To Life. Their name was later changed to Hood Harmony before the group went their own separate ways. CMP then went solo and kept his grind on. 

Although he later changed his name from CMP to CP Charm, for marketing reasons, he will always be the artist known as CMP. When he spits his rhymes he's a force to be reckoned with. 

He is currently releasing two singles; 'Never Had No 1' followed by 'Cam Corder'. 
Watch out for this long term artist  dropping his singles on line and in stores very soon!


Monday 27 November 2017

Get To Know: Dallas The Femcee

Antanesha Dallas is a female mc from the lower west side of NYC,
an area affectionately known as "Chelsea". Being the only girl with seven brothers she states that; “I grew up a tomboy because I wanted so bad to fit in with my brothers so I did everything they did like play basketball, football, boxing and video games.”

In March of 2008 her son Ezekiel also known as “Zeke” was born, changing her life forever. Dallas states that; “Growing up in a single parent home and knowing how much of a struggle that is I
just wanted something better for my son.”. 9 years old Zeke shows off his love of dancing in DALLAS very first Music video “Situations” which also serves as a tribute to one of her brothers.

At the very same age Dallas developed her MC skills. She states that; “Music has always been a big part of my life, around 9 years old I started writing poems and short stories about things that were going on at home.” But it was her introduction to spoken word at the age of 13 years old that birthed the lyricist we hear today.

Some of her musical influences are JADAKISS, FABOLOUS, JAY-Z and SLICK RICK. She also has an equally impressive list of female musical influences such as REMY MA, MC LYTE, BRANDY and also BIA.

DALLAS states that; “What separates me from other artist is I don’t want to be typecast and only sell sex as a female emcee I want to sell substance as well, I have a head full of real life stories that I hope inspires people to be the best versions of themselves, and ride it until the wheels fall off.”

DALLAS has done live performances in her native NYC (talent showcases), the west coast (opening act for Cali artist), and also the Midwest (Only female mc on Kings of Flow in Kansas), and has an ever growing social media following (its_dallas89 - Instagram and NeshaDallas - Facebook).

For shows, features, videos and interviews please contact

Sunday 26 November 2017


Arab and JustWrite (FNBG Records/Taylor Gang),
from the N.O.M.A.D.S. crew,
hit you with another one called 'No Stressing' 
running down how they avoid that daily stress.

Stream it below:

Recorded & Engineered by: Michael Ashby

 Artwork by

Thursday 23 November 2017


I.N.F. has released a new project, 'Bourbon Barrel Bordello'
with producer Edd Bundy

I.N.F. (Im Not Famous) is a member of several crews including Heddshotts / Dead Rabbits / Drunk N Disorderly / Dirt Merchants). While Edd Bundy is an MC/producer with fellow MC Samuel Tafari as the duo Ill Of Writes.

Stream the project below:



Dollarz Presents Jah Story Part 1 Off The Upcoming Mixtape 
"The Enemy Within"


And look out for The Enemy Within coming soon!

Dollarz Facebook

NEW HEAT: DJ Arab - SOS Bishop - "Meet SOS - The Prelude" - DOWNLOAD

SOS Bishop Release "Meet SOS- The Prelude"
Get Familiar With That Veteran Talk..
Real Rap Over Classic Instrumentals;


Stream the track 'None Of Y'all Better' below: