Monday 16 December 2013


Cuban Pete is teaming up with UK legend Tricksta and his Park Street PR company for some upcoming promotion for C75 Designs. Check them out at
To celebrate Tricksta was presented with some custom sneakers and a cap at his Beats and Bars Christmas bash in Wolverhampton. Performers on the night included Shakespeare, Big Dutty Deeze, and Malik from MD7, with Late and Tricksta on the decks. It was a great night for all. Look out for more events in 2014 and follow Tricksta on Facebook at

Wednesday 18 September 2013


Here is a custom bag I did recently that went down very well, as did the backpack I did for myself a while back, prompting me to do more designs and style that should be available soon.

Saturday 25 May 2013

Tuesday 23 April 2013


Wu-Tang member Rebel INS admiring a pair of custom Wallys I did recently for M-Eighty.
More pics soon!

Saturday 6 April 2013

January Mega Post!

September since I last posted? Well it was when I saved this as a draft and didnt even post it properly. Doh!

Well for those who dont follow my Facebook (and why not?) I thought Id post a  few pics.


This is a jacket I did for myself when I joined the Universal Zulu Nation. I am not trading in Zulu Nation designs yet but watch this space.


Wednesday 3 April 2013


I recently did a custom suit jacket featuring logo's from Santa Cruz on the back, DC on the front pocket, Wu-Tang on the front right shoulder, and the sheep on skateboards on the sleeves.

Turned out very nice. Peep the pics below:

Friday 29 March 2013

Swann Flu Music presents – Lay Em Down ft LA Dog, Cream, & Cuban Pete

Another quick visual for another track Im on from Swann Flu Music presents The Table Of Kings Vol 1

Friday 15 March 2013

Swann Flu Music presents - Failure Is Not An Option ft Cuban Pete & Madclip

Just a little visual I put together for one of the tracks I'm on for Swann Flu Music presents 'Table Of Kings Vol 1'.

You can stream it on the C75 Designs Bandcamp at 

To get a high quality digital copy of the album for only $5 contact Swann directly at


Im getting ready for the 40th Anniversary of the Zulu Nation this November 12th with these Zulu Sneakers.
Contact me if you'd like something similar to these or for any custom work whether its jackets, caps, sneakers, or anything else.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Swann Flu Music presents Table Of Kings Vol 1

01. Do You Remember  ft Set2, Tha Soloist and Spliff McGriff
02. Gladiator ft DJ TMB, Rhymin Ryght and Nero
03. Lay Em Down ft LA Dog, Cream and Cuban Pete
04. Spell It Out ft Trissy
05. Machine ft Spliff McGriff and Set2
06. Interlude
08. Legacy ft Constantine Tha G, Kwote1, Klive Kraven and Devilz Speciez
09. You Dont Want None Of This ft Cuban Pete and Madclip
10. Set It Off ft Set2
11. Up In Here ft Methadist and Trinz
12. Stand In Command ft Relik Berkowitz, DJ TMB, Kanis Lu and Absulute Karnage
13. Too Many ft Resin, Tizic and Constantine Tha G
14. Use It Right ft Constantine Tha G, Billy Tha Kid and X-It

Its finally here, Swann releases his first album of beats featuring a slew of talented MCs from the world over.
C75 Designs own Cuban Pete features on two of the tracks so be sure to check them out below.

You can stream the whole thing HERE in 192kbps quality. 
For a high quality digital copy simply send $5 via Paypal to Swann directly at to receive a copy to your Paypal registered email address.

Alternatively you can contact Swann at his FACEBOOK and make other arrangements.

Saturday 16 February 2013


Currently working on a jacket for Cappadonna from Wu-Tang Clan.
Only 5 more to do after this one for Iron Shiek, 7th Sign, and HBO/Curt Digga/Lotto; collectively known as Verbal Harassment. 

Look out for Cappadonna's new album 'Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre' coming soon!