Sunday, 18 April 2021

New Video: Cuban Pete Feat Solomon Childs - Call Shots - prod DJ WIZ


Cuban Pete connects with Solomon Childs over a beat from DJ W.I.Z.

The track was sneak dropped last year only on the C75 Live Bandcamp site but has now been released on all digital platforms with a visual to go with it.

DJ WIZ of the Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition provides the sonic backdrop for Cuban Pete and Wu Tang family member Solomon Childs to drop their wise words and dope flows over.

You can stream/download the track HERE or HERE

Check the video below:

Solomon Childs presents Muscle Up Inc

Wu family member Solomon Childs launches his brand new website Muscle Up Inc.

You can read up on his history in the game, watch interviews, see the gallery and check out his music on the home page before heading on in to the shop where you can purchase shirts and hoodies all bearing the Muscle Up logos designed by C75 Live.

Visit the site here: Muscle Up Inc

Check out the promotional video C75 Live put together for Solomon below.
The music on the video is Solomon's latest single 'Champions' available HERE

New Video: Mo Rukuz - Skully

Mo Rukuz brings the grime again on his latest track produced by Shaolin Luciano.

Check out more Mo Rukuz music HERE or HERE and check out the video, filmed and directed by Cinematic Cartel below:


Check out Shaolin Luciano:
Shaolin Luciano Spotify

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(IG) shaolin_luciano
(IG) cinematic_cartel

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Dont Sleep On Cuban Pete's New Single 'Shhh' - prod by Enels

Cuban Pete has been dropping dope tracks consistently so far this year and is continuing the trend with his new track 'Shhh', produced by Enels of GRIMEWAV.

'Shhh' is part lazy man anthem, part cautionary tale about going on social media before you've got out of bed, with a video totally shot lying down on the job.

Enels provided the beat. His Mastermind Studios offer full recording space, beats, merch, and more. Check them out HERE

'Shhh' was mixed and mastered by C75 Live's own B.Dvine for Divine Time Enterprises. Check their new merch store HERE

You can stream/buy the single HERE or HERE
and check out the video below:



New Music: Frank White - Loyalty Over Royalty

Bronx has a tradition of street orientated rhymers and the latest addition to GRIMEWAV, Frank White, carries on that tradition.

GRIMEWAV is a collective of MC's and producers from NY x MA x NJ x who provide augmented filth for true hip hop heads.  

Loyalty Over Royalty is 4 tracks deep. Featuring the whole GRIMEWAV family and entirely produced by Hanzo Bladez the ep is another fine addition to the collectives lyrically and musically on point archive.

Check it out below and get it HERE

Friday, 19 March 2021

B.Dvine launches Divine Time Enterprises merch store


B. Dvine's Divine Time Enterprises launches its merch store today!

Theres clothing such as tshirts, sweatshirts, joggers, and more. Plus accessories such as bags, phone cases, water bottles, etc.

Divine Time Enterprises Store

Sunday, 14 March 2021

Anonymity - Can't Touch Mine (feat. B. Dvine & Solomon Childs)


Anonymity hooks up with Wu affiliate Solomon Childs and B.Dvine on hook duties, over a beat from B.Dvine himself.

Artwork by Cuban Pete for C75 Live.

Check out the track below and stream/purchase HERE

Prossess & Dan Rek Beats- "CIRCLE OF DEATH" MUSIC VIDEO

This is the first music video for the 7 track EP titled "Circle of Death" by Prossess (Lyrics) and Dan Rek Beats (Production). 

This 2021 release is a 7 track EP titled "Circle of Death" comes with production by Dan Rek Beats, Lyrics by Prossess, mixing and mastering by Profixan Mixin of Premier Miller Studios, and is the first of five projects Prossess is dropping for the 2021 season..

The EP is recorded in Brooklyn, NY and mixed and mastered by Profixan Mixin, owner of Premier Miller Studios in Tampa, Florida.

Album available on all platforms.  Go direct to their bandcamp HERE
Check out the video below:

For booking/feature inquiry:
Contact Prossess at:
Twitter/IG: @PROSSESS813
FB: Collin Prosser or Prossess- Emcee/Beatmaker/CDSlanger
Contact Dan Rek at:



97.7 Outlaw Radio FM's Interview With Krumbsnatcha Of Gang Starr Foundation

CKOR-DB 97.7 Outlaw Radio FM Welcomed None Other Then Legendary Hip-Hop Artist Krumbsnatcha That Was Mentored By The Late Great Guru Of Gang Starr

Krumb gave a run down of his recording career to date. From his Gangstarr Foundation days, Unsigned Hype, film appearances, and of course C75's own Cuban Pete got a mention.

Check out the full interview below.

Call 518-801-1389 To Listen To The Station Using You're Telephone 

Or Visit their Website​ To Listen!!


Nexus Radio - Cuban Pete Show (Brought to you by ExceptionallySpecialPromotions)

Got to give it up to the C75 promo team. On this episode of Nexus Radio, brought to you by Exceptionally Special Promotions, War & Imam Ron Beyah delve into the mind of Cuban Pete.

With rhymes like “Calm myself with my pet, fingers nestled in fur”…& fake love = no love, & most of these dudes out here scared to show love Cuban Pete proves to be a mastermind wordsmith time & time again.

With instrumentals rhymed on by the like’s of 2pac & slick rick for some dope musical backdrops & very animated & thought-provoking commentary. Exceptionally Special does it to the Max once again! 

Check out the show below:

Thursday, 11 March 2021

VIDEO: Cuban Pete ft Maximus Da Mantis & Ill Proceeja - Boom Bap Specialists

Taking a break from the more serious subject matters for a minute Cuban drops something for the B-Boys and B-Girls.
Special guests Maximus Da Mantis and Ill Proceeja come along for the ride over the boom bap beat from B.Dvine that was just made for the breakers to break

Stream/Download/Purchase the single  HERE  or  HERE

And check out the video below:


Juxx Diamondz - Aint Nothing To Play Around (VIDEO) - prod Bo Faat


Juxx Diamondz been in it for a minute. You can hear his experience all over this solid Bo Faat produced track off Bo's producer album 'Die Welt ist ein dunkler Ort'.

Get the album on digital or hardcopy HERE

Check out the video below

Friday, 5 March 2021

B.Dvine - No Maintenance


B.Dvine blesses us with a new track on his birthday!

Just a taste of whats to come in what should be a big year for Dvine.

Check out the track below and purchase HERE

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

New Music: Enels - Our Creator

 Grimewav have been on a roll for a while now, especially since Mo Rukuz was released back to the fold, and Enels has consistantly kept the quality high as a key member of the group.

After the recent release of their highly acclaimed group album 'Clockwork' Enels hits us off with his solo offering 'Our Creator'. 11 tracks packed with dope rhymes, beats, and features.

Griminess reigns throughout, as do the features. The Mass connect hits hard with Termanology on 'Valley Of Gods'. DJ Clif with the Scientifik sampled cuts and scratches gives it that authentic fresh Hip Hop feel.

The previously released single 'Teks' featuring PaceWon hits just as hard now as it did when it first dropped, and the soulful 'Sunken' sees beautiful wordplay from fellow Grimey; Hanzo Bladez.

It would be easy for lesser MCs to be drowned out amongst the features but Enels distinctive voice, personality, and flow, stands out and is welcomed on every track. He is able to match vibes with the features and adapt to the various style of tracks on this release making it a very cohesive sounding project.

All tracks are mixed and mastered himself and serve as a great advert for the services offered by his Master Mind Studio.

Another solid release to add to the Grimewav catalogue.

Check it out below and stream/download it HERE

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Cuban Pete ft B.Dvine - Believe In Yaself - OUT NOW

It's that time again for another joint from Cuban Pete and B.Dvine

Cuban visits his own personal demons while Dvine scorns the ones who doubted him as they explore the need for self belief over a searing beat by DJ Slipwax.

Get the single HERE or HERE 


And don't forget to visit:
Sponsored by:

Judah The Prince - Black American ft Kayci Amour


The gift of sound transcends all barriers of division. Black History and The African American experience is commemorated every February however the experience is shared three hundred and sixty- five days a year. In his latest release, Judah Tha Prince captures the Black American experience in sound.
Accompanied by upcoming crooner Kayci Amour who delivers a melodic overlay to the record fittingly titled Black American.

Judah Tha Prince, commonly known to the world as Krumbsnatcha offers an insight through his energetic vocals on being an enemy of the state, a citizen of a country that has racism and inequality embedded in its society. 
This is a song of upliftment and commemoration for all those who have fallen or been a victim of racial inequality and oppression. 
Black American is now available on all streaming platforms as well as


 Follow Judah Tha Prince aka Krumbsnatcha on all social media @Judah_Tha_Prince or @Krumbsnatcha7


Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Dom Pachino Feat. Shyheim - Ninja Stars - Official Video

Dom Pachino drops visuals for Ninja Stars featuring Shyheim

This is a collaboration with two of the most respected Mc's from Staten Island N.Y and the original Wu-tang family. 

Song is from the T-4 (at your front door) album by Dom Pachino available HERE

Monday, 15 February 2021


DJ Modesty is now on his 369th show and has a reputation for playing nothing but that real Hip Hop shit you love to hear again and again.

The latest mix features artists such as Flee Lord & Havoc Feat Ransom, Shawneci Icecold & Craig G feat Ruste Juxx, Tek (of Smif-N-Wessun) feat Conway The Machine, and more.

Cuban Pete's track 'Blurrr' is also featured as well as 'Back In Queens The Realness' featuring Curt Digga, Rafeese, and QB Rap P. Check the video below. To make the cipher complete Curt Digga is also featured on Cuban's upcoming project produced by Hanzo Bladez of Grimewav.

Look out for the third installment of Modesty's 'Kings From Queens' production series coming soon.

Stream show #369 below and find that and a bunch of his other mixes on his Mixcloud HERE

Bo Faat - Die Welt ist ein dunkler Ort


German producer Bo Faat follows up his album 'Destiny', with fellow Drunken Monk Marz One and Boston Hip Hop legend Edo.G, with his solo producer album 'Die Welt ist ein dunkler Ort' (which translates to 'the world is a dark place').

The feel is definitely dark with grimey rhymes from artists including Blaq Poet, Grimewav, The Bad Seed, G Fam Black, Duck City Music, and of course Marz One, and more.

Check out the album below and purchase it HERE and the main digital platforms.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

FREE DOWNLOAD - GRIMEWAV - Clockwork - Out Now!


The Grimey camps first LP “Clockwork” is a momentous moment for underground rap. 

 This conglomerate has spearheaded their way to the forefront of the grimy renaissance emerging from the subterranean hollows of East Coast boom bap with tenacity & determination. 

GRIMEWAV is officially made up of Mo Rukuz, Hanzo Bladez, Enels, Lurch, Lace Fueg, & newest addition Frank White of the BX. 

The collective extends farther than that to GRIMEWAV affiliates Iron Lungz & Miskeem Haleem of TopTier & RareForm.

This LP is a true testament to their dedication and work ethic!!! Nothing is given, but everything will be taken!!! 

Check it out below or DL HERE or HERE

Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Cuban Pete - Everybody Hates Pete - Out Now!


Haters, enemies, opps, whatever you call them Cuban Pete has more than his fair share.

Cuban has felt the wrath of everyone from established artists to Wu Tang wannabeez. Many expressing their desire to hand out physical harm or even outright kill him. 

You would think it would be for some heinous crime Cuban had done to them but generally it's because he's made them look stupid on social media.

The skits on the project show his ability to twist their hate back on them to great effect by using some threatening voice messages a wannabe rapper sent him.

The whole project was produced by DJ Iceman of Big Boss Beatz

Stream below and stream/download/CD HERE or HERE

Friday, 29 January 2021

The Kiillshot Hour Interview with Cuban Pete


#PROMOGOD Underground Sound Off is a platform for all underground and independent artists to be heard worldwide. Each show is broadcast on various FM and internet stations.

#PROMOGOD recently interviewed Cuban Pete to catch up with everything C75.

Check out the interview below (starts at the 19:40 mark)

Saturday, 23 January 2021

VIDEO: Cuban Pete ft Heaven Razah & DJ Erex - Hard 2 Smile

 While Cuban is still recovering from a bout with covid he decided to drop the visuals for another track off his 'Crown Jewels' album with producer Bo Faat.

The track features Sunz Of Man legend and leader of Ghetto Govt Officialz Heaven Razah (fka Hell Razah). Cuban is part of the UK chapter of GGO so it was only right these two link up on a full track after Razah also did the intro for Cubans 'Renaissance Man' mixtape/album several years ago.

The scratch hook was done by Mr Scrathhook himself DJ E.Rex.

Check out the visuals below and get the album HERE or HERE

Monday, 11 January 2021

VIDEO: Cuban Pete feat Grimewav - Seesaw Balance


Grimewav have been making a lot of noise these last couple of years so it was only right Cuban reach out to members Hanzo Bladez, Mo Rukuz, and Enels for what turned into a fire collab for his Crown Jewels project with Bo Faat.

The anime visuals lend themselves perfectly as each MC takes turns to slice up the deliciousness served up by beatmaker Bo Faat. 

The track was mixed and mastered by Enels for Mastermind Studios.

Grimewav keep steadily releasing new music to the point its getting hard for anyone to deny them and have recently added Frank White to their ranks. They also have a whole project coming with BoFaat later in the year too.

Check out the video below and get the track HERE or HERE

Dont forget to visit:

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Krumbsnatcha - Jah's Message


Theres a lot of things happening right now and Judah The Prince aka Krumbsnatcha is aiming to restore peace with this slice of dub action produced by Pzazz Psyxtine.

Krumbsnatcha is a Hip Hop artist-Business Man best known for hits with the legendary Gangstarr. Make Em Pay. Training Day Soundtrac, etc, but is slipping into his alter ego Judah The Prince for his reggae tinged album Iron Lion Of Zion coming soon.

Check out the preview below and get the track HERE

DoomDaWiz - Funky Dope Producer


DoomDaWiz is a Cape Verdean Boom Bap producer / Film Director, Editor & Videographer

He has produced for Hip Hop legends Mikey D, Krumbsnatcha, Ruste Juxx, Grand Daddy I.U., Large Pro, Canibus, and Grand Master Caz. Plus many more.

You can catch C75 Lives Cuban Pete helping out with the intro on the project too!

Check out the video for 'Tear Da Roof Off!', featuring Mikey D and Bad Seed, below and purchase the album HERE




The Bad Seed - Black Zeus


The Bad Seed drops 'Black Zeus', produced by JR Swiftz, off his self titled ep coming 6th Feb

Check out the preview below and get the track HERE



Sunday, 3 January 2021

DJ Katdaddy Marshall presents QING Models & Bottles Official Mixtape


Eccentric liquor brand Qing have just dropped a mixtape in conjunction with their recent special edition of Hip Hop Underground magazine (available HERE

C75 Live's Cuban Pete is featured in the mix with the original version of his latest single 'Blurrr', produced by PButcha, which was sent for inclusion before the recent remix contest and is pretty much the only place you can hear that version now.

The mix is a dope blend of mostly Southern US artists, ideal for turning up with a bottle of Qing.

Check out the mix below or download HERE






Cuban Pete - Blurrr - Lyric Video

Cuban drops his first visual of the year with his first ever lyric video

The video features a car animation to go with the "I can see em in my rearview" theme with the lyrics smacking you visually for those that 'say they cant understand him'.

Video by Asim Bashir

Check out the video below and g give it a thumbs up or comment HERE

Friday, 1 January 2021

Cuban Pete 2020 Round Up


2020 was a bad year for many but musically speaking it was a great year for many too, including C75 Live's Cuban Pete.

Take a look at the projects he was involved in below and click the links to go to them:

Cuban Pete released a few projects of his own in 2020:

5 Pointz ep - Produced by Falling Down
Live TEST - collab album with OneMike
Crown Jewels - Produced by BoFaat

Evolove ft Dr Wahnsinn prod DJ WIZ
Fast Lane Killaz ft SM prod Roy Thomas
Smiles & Cries ft B. Dvine prod DJ WIZ
Call Shots feat Solomon Childs prod DJ WIZ
Legendary Wingz prod Hanzo Bladez
Bob Has No Food - prod BoFaat
Hate Britain
Where You At prod Hanzo Bladez
Lies - prod by Apocalypse Child
Blurrr - Official Remix - prod Swann

Futura ft DJ Erex - Prod Falling Down
Legendary Wingz prod Hanzo Bladez
Hate Britain
Where You At prod Hanzo Bladez
Lies - prod by Apocalypse Child 

As well as his own projects Cuban also appeared on a number of other peoples singles/albums/ and mixtapes:

Krumbsnatcha - Make Em Say
Regal - Mr Real 1
Bo Faat - Supa Cypha 3
Bo Faat - New Fists Of Fury ft Mr Ripley & Elementree
B.Dvine feat Erick Sermon, D-Rage, Cuban Pete - Hush Now

Mr Ripley x Elementree x BoFaat - Abdullah EP
Mr Ripley x BoFaat - Art Iz War
BoFaat - The Boom Bap vaccine 2020
B.Dvine - Times Have Changed
HRS Presents Hidden Underground Vol​.​3
yungL!NK - HiddenTemples
Spion Liape - Spion Liape's Hip Hop Hoard
Mind Power Ent presents United Nationz Of Hip Hop Vol 5
Dirty Joe presents Dirt From The Underground
DJ Katdaddy Marshall - Black Lives Matter Vol 1
Solution Beats & Portarok - Shadow Blade Vol 2
Mind Power Ent presents United Nationz Of Hip Hop Vol 7
DJ Katdaddy Marshall presents Street Coalition 12
Psix presents Rebel Hip Hop Mixtape pt 1
Psix - The Third Eye
DJ Katdaddy Marshall - The Underground MeetsThe Industry Vol 1

It was also a year of firsts for Cuban including:

1st magazine cover - Underground Hip Hop Magazine #25
1st animated Video - Futura ft DJ E.rex prod Falling Down
1st foreign language collab - Evolove ft Dr Wahnsinn
1st mixtape hosting - United Nationz of Hip Hop Vol 7
1st collab album - Live TEST with OneMike
1st radio play on a non Hip Hop commercial FM station with 'Lies'
1st verse competion win - B.Dvine Beat Contest (track coming soon)

Check out the Press page on to get links to listen to/read the many interviews Cuban and other members of C75 Live gave this year.

Thank you to everyone who rocked with me this year in any capacity and look out for many more big things happening in 2021 for Cuban Pete and C75 Live!