Monday 24 June 2024

Da Beatminerz – Stifled Creativity


Da Beatminerz drop their 3rd album with a fiyah guestlist that cornball millionaires could only dream of.

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Check out the video for lead single 'My Year' below

Cuban Pete x BoFaat - The Domino Effect

*Spotify were being dicks so I had to withdraw this track from DSPs and resubmit it

Cuban Pete takes aim at businessmen polluting the musical landscape

Millionaire businessmen and lower level hustlers are now selling big name feature verses from known Hip Hop artists along with their beat packs, saying they are helping out smaller artists who can't afford exclusives or have means to acquire them. The same few verses sold to thousands of rappers with the sales pitch claiming it will give customers a chance to be noticed and make their 'career blow'.

They make a lot of false promises about what is needed to make it in the industry and bank on lesser talented artists wanting to cut corners.

In reality, with no real money for promotion, even the good ones just end up with a few extra clicks and streaming pennies based on the strength of the featured artist's name. Plus of course there's a million wack rappers willing to pretend they have worked with these artists in person and front for social media, normally buying streams to reflect their fake success.

The result is a bunch of, in essence, remixes as a lot of their customers aren't really artists but fans or opportunists who simply add their vocals to the remaining beat. These tracks then flood an already oversaturated streaming market where millions of songs are never streamed even once.

As the legendary Pete Rock claimed recently in a viral post on social media 'getting the bag' has ruined the art form. These packs are nothing to do with art or culture and are merely a way for lower level rappers to monetise and make change off real artists' coattails.

Check out the single HERE and watch the video below


Saturday 22 June 2024

Ghost The Ill-Figure – Illfigurology


Ghost The ill-Figure, the esteemed hip-hop artist renowned for his lyrical prowess and Boom-Bap beats, is set to unveil his highly anticipated seventh studio album, titled "illfigurology."

With a career spanning over 15 years, Ghost has continually pushed the boundaries of his skill on the microphone, earning acclaim for his distinctive style and thought-provoking lyrics. "illfigurology" promises to be a testament to his evolution as an artist, showcasing his unparalleled skill and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Featuring a dynamic blend of infectious rhythms, captivating lyricism, and poignant storytelling, "illfigurology" invites listeners on a journey through the mind of a Hip-Hop connoisseur. From sociological prospectives on life in America to witty lyrical exhibitions, each track offers a glimpse into Ghost The ill-Figure's multifaceted artistry and unwavering commitment to authenticity.




Street Smartz, Nickel Plated - Move How I’m Moving - Ft Shawn Don & Bumpythegreat

Move How I’m Movin," the latest single from the powerhouse collaboration between Street Smartz and Nickel Plated Beats. 

Featuring Shawn Don (Mr. Grey Poupon) from South Side Queens and Brooklyn's own Bumpy The Great, this track is a standout from their highly anticipated project, "All Jokes Aside." With hard-hitting verses and a beat that commands respect, "Move How I’m Movin" is a powerful anthem that captures the essence of street life and hustle. 

Street Smartz and Nickel Plated Beats have crafted a masterpiece that is sure to leave a lasting impact on the hip-hop scene. Don't miss out—this track is a game-changer.
Directed By Rafeese Photography for Hargrove Visual Inc.

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Tuesday 18 June 2024

Past One - Depleted Dopamine


  You may remember Past One from the 'Neckbrace' single by Cuban Pete with yungL!NK.

Now he drops his debut ep featuring Block McCloud, Moth, and others.

Stream/Download HERE



Written and produced by a B-BOY for B BOYS & B-GIRLS to dance to,
12 new tracks influenced by the music Long used to battle and train to.

Artwork by SHADE ONE & TURROE, Mastered by ROLA ROCKWELL
Hammond Organ FREDDY KEYS, Bass & Guitar BOBBY BLUES 


3Kingz (Crotona P, M Doc Diego, Manzu Beatz) - Lies

Second visual shot by Cartel Films aka Diego Dollaz. Titled Lies by Hip Hop group  3Kingz (Crotona P, M Doc Diego, and Manzu Beatz. 

Off newly released project 3KINGZ PT. 2 " THE SEQUEL". On bandcamp and all streaming platforms featuring Street Da' Villan, P- Ro, Piff Pennywise Jr, Azariah, and cuts by GNyce and DJ Decepta.



The Bad Seed - Diddybopolis - produced by Nam Nitty


Off the upcoming album "Four Finger Ring II"

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Sunday 16 June 2024

Comet MadMen - Teflon Threads - Official Video

Comet takes aim at the mumble rappers, letting it be known that bars matter, in his new offering titled "Teflon Threads"

New Single and Visual from Mad Men front runner, the Screwball Capo, Comet MadMen. Comet delivers a new heater over a gritty loop produced by the Brother LO "Sean LO". Visual filmed & directed by Comet & Big H for MadMen Visions & InDa Streets Tv.

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Saturday 15 June 2024

Nam Nitty - MAGIC - A Film By Spike Tarantino & Eivom Films

New Visual From The Secret Sosiety Entertainment Boss, Mxnxpxly Family Member
Nam Nitty; "MAGIC"

Produced By Nam Nitty
🎥 x Spike Tarantino. Shot & Edited By Broxx Spielberg ‪@eivomfilms493‬
From "DETROIT - A Mxnxpxly Family Mini Doc"