Tuesday 16 July 2024

Cuban Pete and Kinetic 9 - There's A War Goin On Outside

Cuban Pete takes em to war with Kinetic 9 (fka Baretta 9) on new album 'There's A War Goin On Outside'

Kicking off with a scratch intro by DJ Jabbathakut, who provides all the cuts throughout the album, there follows 11 tracks covering topics such as religion, Alien verses Predator and 007 themed tracks, posse cuts, and plenty of straight bars and jewels. 

Features include Cuban's C75 Live family B.Dvine and OneMike, Krumbsnatcha, Masta Of Ceremoniez, and Lady B who sings the hook on the soulful first single 'Call To Arms'.

Beats are provided by BoFaat, Hanzo Bladez, 140 Productions, Conflikt, DJ W.I.Z., Duxo Maniac, Kinetic 9, and B. Dvine who also engineered the project.

Stream/Download HERE

You can also get CD copies on Bandcamp

Saturday 13 July 2024


Intercontinental Kint and Hollywood drop over a Dame Grease banger!

Go check out Kints site HERE

The Dirty Ol' Men - Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The Dirty Ol' Men are an international collective of producers, musicians, and curators of hip-hop/soul music and culture.

Check out their new album HERE



Big Dese x Mike Martinez - Stop Smiling ft Eff Yoo

New England bar veteran Big Dese and Floridian sample wizard Mike Martinez enlist the help of Queens, NY master lyricist Eff Yoo on "Stop Smiling" - the lead single from their upcoming 7th collaborative project, DESEPERADO.

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Ice Meez - Tomorrow - OFFICIAL VIDEO

The song "Tomorrow" by Ice Meez conveys a powerful message about the uncertainty of the future and the importance of seizing the present moment. 

Through personal lyrics, Ice Meez reflects on his own challenges and perseverance, emphasizing the need to keep pushing forward despite life's obstacles. 

The song serves as a reminder to embrace each day and never give up, resonating with themes of resilience and living with purpose. 

Not only did Ice Meez write these heartfelt lyrics but he also directed the captivating music video.

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Nytelife - C4


Nytelife recently dropped a new project that he recorded with a Dope Virginia Producer Rage Aurelius called "C4"

This is a project that is art at it's purest form. Hard rhymes and hard beats. Period!!! 

Features include Poe Mack, Izrell, and Saynt Francis!!!

Stream/Download HERE and all DSPs

Thought Provokah - We'll Be Right Back After These Messages


Embark on a nostalgic musical journey with the release of "We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages," an innovative new album that reimagines the iconic guests of the Arsenio Hall Show. This groundbreaking record, that dropped today and brings together 15 tracks that blend past with topics still apropos to today’s society.

Drawing inspiration from the unforgettable moments of the Arsenio Hall Show, features previous episodes guests but also conjures up a vibrant mix of envisioned guests, transporting them from the 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s into the 1990s. Each track represents a topic that I think would be featured prominently during an interview.

"We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages" stands as a testament to the show's enduring legacy and its influence on pop culture. The album’s diverse soundscape captures the spirit of Arsenio Hall's dynamic guest lineup, paying homage to the show’s influential role in shaping the music and entertainment landscape.

Out now on Bandcamp and all DSPs




Lowkey releases his powerful new track 'Genocide Joe' featuring Mai Khalil.




Friday 12 July 2024

The Bad Seed - Sucka Shit Condonement

Bad Seed always reps the underground strong so it was only right that on the day of two of the biggest Hip Hop releases of the year he put forth his mission statement and reasons for his continuing support.

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Thursday 11 July 2024

Common & Pete Rock – The Auditorium Vol. 1

Pete Rock and Common invite you all to The Auditorium

“Pete Rock is one of The Greatest Creators Hip Hop and Music has ever seen. It has been a dream of mine to work with him on an album. And once we got together and I was around him and all his records and his MPC I felt the spirit of what I always loved in hip hop, in soul music, and why I wanted to be a part of the artform. His beats, his production, his scratches, took me to a place where I could just MC freely. It felt like I was home.” - Common

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