Wednesday 31 January 2024

Snook Da Crook - Thieves Code 2


"Thieves Code 2" is the second installment of the series by Baltimore legend Snook Da Crook. With features from Planet Asia, ILL Conscious, Wais P and more, this album is an instant underground classic.

You can get the album HERE and on all DSPs.

Check out the single 'Skin Of Your Teeth' below



Tuesday 30 January 2024

Dro Pesci - Crash Course - Official Video

Dro drops the first visual off his new EP titled "The Top Chef In Hells Kitchen". 

This one is called "Crash Course"  produced by New Jersey producer, Grungy Boguez.  

Dro goes all bars on this one without any hook/chorus. The beat is lively and Dro completes it with a dope flow for all real hip hop fans to enjoy! Shot and directed by Mo Stafford.


John Jigg$ - S​.​O​.​U​.​L (Something Our Underground Lost)

John Jigg$ comes back with something for our S.O.U.L.

Jigg$ has been turning up loud and strong with his support for the culture through dope music that feeds something thats been missing lately. You can hear his love for the music shine through on each track with as he rides the beat with lyrical dexterity.

The release is only available through his Bandcamp HERE

Cuban Pete x BoFaat - The Domino Effect

Cuban Pete takes aim at businessmen polluting the musical landscape

Millionaire businessmen and lower level hustlers are now selling big name feature verses from known Hip Hop artists along with their beat packs, saying they are helping out smaller artists who can't afford exclusives or have means to acquire them. The same few verses sold to thousands of rappers with the sales pitch claiming it will give customers a chance to be noticed and make their 'career blow'.

They make a lot of false promises about what is needed to make it in the industry and bank on lesser talented artists wanting to cut corners.

In reality, with no real money for promotion, even the good ones just end up with a few extra clicks and streaming pennies based on the strength of the featured artist's name. Plus of course there's a million wack rappers willing to pretend they have worked with these artists in person and front for social media, normally buying streams to reflect their fake success.

The result is a bunch of, in essence, remixes as a lot of their customers aren't really artists but fans or opportunists who simply add their vocals to the remaining beat. These tracks then flood an already oversaturated streaming market where millions of songs are never streamed even once.

As the legendary Pete Rock claimed recently in a viral post on social media 'getting the bag' has ruined the art form. These packs are nothing to do with art or culture and are merely a way for lower level rappers to monetise and make change off real artists' coattails.

Check out the single HERE and watch the video below


M Doc Diego & Sinamatik - New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc

Rochester New York artist M Doc Diego is back with New Jersey producer Sinamtik with their latest offering "New Jersey Drive 2 Da Roc", 

They return to the east coast Hip Hop essence. With Sinamatik soundscapes and M Doc's rugged flow and ever changing cadence. They give you a powerful statement with guest verses from Street Da' Villan, Sauce Yin, Gustavo Louis, Isis Aset, and cuts by GNyce. 

Get the project HERE and check out the official video below


The Bad Seed ft MIMS, Honey Dinero , Nam Nitty - The Iron I Toss

The Bad Seed drops the first single from the upcoming album Everything Means Nothing Vol​.​1

'The Iron I Toss' features MIMS, Honey Deniro, Nam Nitty, and Seed himself over a JR Swiftz banger with cuts by Tone Spliff.

6th Man Entertainment are The Bad Seed, Honey Dinero, Nam Nitty, Chuck Brown, and Mo Rukus.

Volume 1 of Everything Means Nothing drops February 6th and features Cella Dwellas , Amxxr, Bottemline, Weapon ESP, Napsndreds, Juxx Diamondz, Substance 810, Greezi Amiin, Innocent?, Xcel, Terror Van Poo, Skanks The Rap Martyr, Rasheed Chappell, Blitzkrieg, Debanaire, Kil Ripkin, Ethemadassasin ,Hellz Yea, Wordsworth, Crotona P, John Jigg$, Ruste Juxx.

Production is by Murda Megz, Nottz, JR Swiftz, Team Demo, Snowgoons, Freakshow, CJ Dove , s-tewe, Reck Real, and Takenotez.

The album will only be available via Bandcamp and not on streaming platforms in a bid to take back control from the platforms that don't properly renumerate artists. 

You can pre-order HERE and instantly get the single now 

Sunday 14 January 2024

Mickey Bourbon, Hanzo Bladez, G-Fam Black, BoFaat - Lethal Weaponz

The honey badger himself Mickey Bourbon teams up with Hanzo Bladez and G Fam Black over a creeper of a beat by BoFaat.

Get the track HERE



Monday 8 January 2024

Idris Elba - Knives Down feat. DB Maz

Iris Elba appeals for urgent government action on serious youth violence with his new campaign 'Don’t Stop Your Future' and to coincide with its launch today (8th January 2024), he shares the single and music video entitled ‘Knives Down’.

In the video directed by MD Films, Idris is seen holding a debate in the House of Commons, alongside the families of victims, as their stories and those of the worst affected communities across the UK are poignantly highlighted.

The track, which features UK rapper DB Maz and is produced by the acclaimed Fraser T Smith and FaNaTiX, represents the frustration and anger towards the government for their inaction on knife crime. It features hard-hitting lyrics which urge Parliament to take urgent action, having neglected addressing the issue for too long - giving a voice to those most impacted by knife crime and to use the power of music to raise awareness of the issue.

Alongside this special release today, Idris is at Parliament Square presenting a backdrop of outfits symbolic of all the lives lost to knife crime last year. He's also calling for the Government to action the immediate banning of zombie knives and machetes, as well as funding youth services.

Stream 'Knives Down ft. B Maz' HERE and check the video below