Tuesday 28 September 2021

VIDEO: Singapore Kane - Doomsday Kids


"I laugh at it all, genocide, suicidal with the homicide, you can't scare a zombie I was supposed to die." — Singapore Kane
If your world fell apart tomorrow, would you crumble? A recent study shows those unable to accept losses are most likely to fold under pressure. Singapore Kane releases "Doomsday Kids" [video] cautioning always be prepared because your next loss is just around the corner. "Don Manifesto" [album] out now featuring Big Shug, Tragedy Khadafi, DJ Premier, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Jon Glass, Purpose [Tragic Allies], DNA, Lee Bannon and others.

• Written, Arranged & Performed by Singapore Kane
• Produced, Mixed & Mastered by D.R.U.G.S. Beats
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Sunday 26 September 2021

New Video: The New Dope Gets Some New Visuals

Cuban drops some visuals for The New Dope

The video features point of view parkour by specialist Nick Pro. Check out his links at the bottom of the post.

On The New Dope Cuban is joined by underground Hip Hop artist and producer 7th Sine, C75 Live's own B.Dvine on the hook, and Judah Priest. Judah is the founder of 144,000 Chosen Few LLC, a member of Zu Bulliez (Brooklyn Zu), and Ghetto Government Officials.

Beat is by Jimus Hemstead / Angelz Wid Dirty Facez. Mixed and mastered by B. Dvine for Divine Time Enterprises .

Check out the video below and get the track HERE


Original footage by https://youtu.be/_RvkBDtaYOM

Watch More: https://www.youtube.com/c/NickPro

Nick Pro & Parkour MERCH: https://nick-pros-store.creator-spring.com

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/the.nick.pro

WEBSITE: https://www.nick-pro.com



Tuesday 21 September 2021

New Music: Tahmell - Food For Thought (The Real God's Son)

Born in Long Island, NY July of 1988 Tahmell Griffin is no stranger to the music game. 

He acquired his passion for the artistry of hip-hop and performance from his father (who needs no introduction) Rakim. In the early 90’s... musical influence and wisdom from major players in the game like Big Daddy Kane, Busta Rhymes, Dj Premier, and Nas, just to name a few, gave wings to his potential in the hip-hop world. Tahmell’s visionary perspective has quickly gained recognition from critically acclaimed sites such as Fox, ABCnews, NYweekly, and WRCBtv. 2020 looks set to be a busy year with his current release of “Home”, his first original studio album. 

As a body of work it is incredibly cohesive, resonates with mass audience, and features unique lyrics/melodies that keep the listeners coming back for more. Although this may be the first, expect to hear more on the hip-hop prodigy Tahmell, he has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

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Support Krumbsnatcha Book and Documentary

Krumbsnatcha says "I'm putting together a trip to document the final parts of my new reggae and hip-hop album "Iron Lion Of Zion" under the new moniker "Judah The Prince".  

As part of the project there will be a book and documentary which will accompany this album. 

All donors will not only receive the album FREE but will also have their names added in the donors section in the book and will have their names added to the credits in the documentary. 
If you donate $50 or more you will have your name added to the inside cover 'thank you' section of the CD hard copy of the album cover, designed by C75 Live.
Make sure you leave your name as you would like it to appear in the notes when you donate"

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Friday 17 September 2021

Kinetic 9 x BoFaat - Roll Dolo


Kinetic 9, formerly known as Berretta 9, is one part of the Wu affiliate crew Killarmy. Him and BoFaat started working together in 2019 and made a lot of tracks together now all these tracks over worked, remixed and remastered making a part of this album but also a couple of new tracks are added to this. 

Some dope features like canadian rap legend Thrust OG or Toronto´s secret weapon Chief Reckah. The whole KIllarmy crew is on this too as well as Taiyamo Denku, Cool Peepz, and Elementree. 

Kinetic´s lyrics and flow are blending perfectly with BoFaat´s beats. This will bring you back to the 90s golden era hip hop days ...enjoy!

Stream below or get it HERE


Thursday 16 September 2021

Cuban Pete - The New Dope feat 7th Sine, Judah Priest, BDvine

 Cuban Pete and guests drop an actually dope track

What gets called 'dope' these days is questionable to a lot of fans who have been part of the genre for years. Dope is starting to mean average, legendary means you had a few hits once. In many instances its a case of the emporers new clothes; ie. tell people something enough and they'll believe it to avoid looking foolish.

Cuban is joined by underground Hip Hop artist and producer 7th Sine, C75 Live's own B.Dvine on the hook, and Judah Priest. Judah is the founder of 144,000 Chosen Few LLC, a member of Zu Bulliez (Brooklyn Zu), and Ghetto Government Officials.

Beat is by Jimus Hemstead / Angelz Wid Dirty Facez. Mixed and mastered by B. Dvine for Divine Time Enterprises .

Check out the track below and get it HERE

Solomon Childs - The Solomon Archives Part One

Solomon Childs "The Solomon Archives : Part One" is a journey of Solomon's dopest songs, features and more.

Guest appearances by Rza, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna, Remedy, Shyheim, Prodigal Sunn, Bronze Nazareth, Killa Sin, Remedy, Timbo King, Ruste Juxx, Sean Price, Ras Kass and more.

Curated, Cut & Blended by Tone Spliff 
Check out the video for Bullshit Refusal below and get the mixtape HERE 

NaryDaProducer - For the Queens feat Gee-Dubb

C75 Live's newest addition Nary Da Producer drops a track 'For The Queens'

The track is off his upcoming album Focus Factor and features Gee-Dubb on the second verse while the two rep for the ladies over a beat by Nary himself.

Check out the track below and Stream/Download HERE

Monday 13 September 2021

BigBob & Raf Almighty (BIG ALMIGHTY) - Once Upon a Time in Baltimore

Once Upon A Time in Baltimore, is the sequel to the critically acclaimed album
537 Dolphin Street from visionary producer, BigBob and gifted emcee,
RAF Almighty of Dirt Platoon. 

ONCE UPON A TIME IN BALTIMORE allows for Raf Almighty to develop and influence his stories about his beloved CHARM CITY, becoming the glorious hero his city longs for. 

He’s a human being through and through traversing the landscape with noble ideals, fired up by courage, wit and plights of adversity. Lyrically he envelopes himself as a forthright energy, creative and radiating with passion. 

BigBob maintains his positioning as an artful beat smith, creating atmospheres that sonically challenges all listeners and connects deeply.

Get the album on all DSP's HERE and on hard copy HERE

Check the video for 'Hospital Gown' below:

Thursday 9 September 2021

CTC (Change The Currency) - The Currency3x

Vishus DaMobsta, Jabbo Tha Macnificent, Playboii 24, BlingtheGreat, and Areon, are CTC (Change The Currency).

Their new album 'The Currency3x' is 17 tracks of down south street hop for the trunk rattlers.

Available on Spotify - Amazon - Deezer - YouTube - Tidal - AppleMusic - and more!

Preview below:

Friday 3 September 2021

Solomon Childs - Before It Gets Ugly - prod Nary Da Producer

Solomon Childs steps back into the darkness with a warning to those who might take him lightly.

C75 Live's Nary Da Producer serves up an ominous sounding beat for Solomon's bars of doom taht carries the track along nicely.

Get the track HERE and stream below:

Nary is also an MC. Look out for his second to last project 'Focus Factor' dropping soon

New Album: The Bad Seed - Alpha


Bad Seed gets on his Alpha male steez with his new album of ferocious beats and rhymes.

Get the album HERE

Wednesday 1 September 2021

Cuban Pete - To Ya Face - prod Prime Sithesizah


Cuban Pete and Frantz take it 'To Ya Face'

Cuban Pete collabs with producer Frantz The Prime Sithesizah to take it to the face of the biters and fakers out there with a laid back calculated blow of boom bap Hip Hop. 

Get the single HERE

The Prime Sithesizah FACEBOOK