Friday 17 September 2021

Kinetic 9 x BoFaat - Roll Dolo


Kinetic 9, formerly known as Berretta 9, is one part of the Wu affiliate crew Killarmy. Him and BoFaat started working together in 2019 and made a lot of tracks together now all these tracks over worked, remixed and remastered making a part of this album but also a couple of new tracks are added to this. 

Some dope features like canadian rap legend Thrust OG or Toronto´s secret weapon Chief Reckah. The whole KIllarmy crew is on this too as well as Taiyamo Denku, Cool Peepz, and Elementree. 

Kinetic´s lyrics and flow are blending perfectly with BoFaat´s beats. This will bring you back to the 90s golden era hip hop days ...enjoy!

Stream below or get it HERE