Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Bonds Jewellers recruit Cuban Pete for Promo Campaign

Bonds is a jewellers set in the seaside town of Redcar in the North East of England.
Not the sort of business you would associate with the sounds of dope Hip Hop but that is exactly what came about when business owner and jewellery expert Gavin Hubbard decided to use C75 Live's Cuban Pete to advertise his business.

Gavin says "We wanted to use a local artist that wasn't going to offer the usual sort of cheesy jungle type promotion. We wanted someone authentic who speaks to a variety of people as we pride ourselves as being open to anyone."

"New customers are always needed to keep any business going and a lot of the younger market are drawn to the usual high street retailers. We aim to offer high quality jewellery at affordable prices, from statement pieces to everyday wear items, but needed a way to get our message across."

"Cuban saw what we do and put together the whole promo package for us in a way we could use to advertise on social media etc."

Watch the finished video below and check out Bonds website at
Keep up to date on the latest news and additions to the site by subscribing to their email list via the site or Liking their Facebook page Facebook/BondsRedcar

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Boombox Saintz start the 52 Track Challenge #SaintzSunday

Boombox Saintz are no more! 
Much to the sadness of many fans from the Milwaukee area, and worldwide since the release of their last album 'Everybody's Irish Tonight'. 

The former C75 Live affiliates decided to call it a day recently but that hasn't stopped them from releasing new material. Or rather old material.

Former member (but still C75 Live), SuperEgo started what will be known as #SaintzSunday by dropping the first track of a 52 week song challenge, where they're uploading songs that were never released (because of lost sessions or bad sound quality).

Boombox Rush was one of the first songs they ever recorded as a crew and #SaintzSunday might also serve as a reminder of the members who came and left the groups flexible line up.

Keep up to date on the groups Soundcloud HERE
and stream the first track below:

Thursday, 26 September 2019

OneMike - The Once Over - OUT NOW

OneMike drops a brand new track called The Once Over

Artwork is of course by Cuban Pete and the track is available to stream or download via most digital platforms

Stream the track below or on Spotify - Google Play - Amazon - and more

B.Dvine Interview with Mistah Wilson of

B.Dvine talks New Music, Tours, & Experiences in an Exclusive Interview w/ Mistah Wilson

B.Dvine recently made the cover of Tha Wilson Block Magazine. Get the magazine HERE and peep the interview below:

Mistah Wilson: Yo, B Dvine, thanks so much for coming thru for this exclusive interview with thawilsonblock magazine. How’s it going?

B Dvine: Everything is great on this side thank you for having me! I’m just maintaining my focus, steady grinding, and aiming for the top!

Mistah Wilson: For our audience reading this, could you give us a quick background on yourself?

B Dvine: Yes indeed, I’m from Long Island New York and I’ve been making hip hop music for the past 16 years. I started off as a DJ then got into making beats and studio engineering along the way I met a lot of great people and I started getting placements with artist such as Solomon Childs, Meyhem Lauren, Killa Sha (R.I.P), J-Love, Ruc MrQB, Shyheim. I put out a mixtape displaying my production skills and artist I worked with I called it Dvine Intervention and it was hosted by DJ J-Love. Around that time I started picking up the mic and started sharpening my skills as far as an MC, later down the road I decide to take it more serious and start doing shows then I put out a mixtape earlier this year called The Process of Illumination while doing features on some dope projects. I’ve done four tours and a bunch of other side shows in the past 3-4 years going all over the country and I also got to tour Canada. I definitely been blessed so far and I plan on continuing to be blessed with this journey.

Mistah Wilson: Fresh off tour, what were some of your coolest experiences?

B Dvine: Some of the coolest experience we’re definitely seeing the world in general outside of where I come from and how different everything is from food to culture, environment etc. This time around I was on tour with Pacewon from The Outsidaz so it was cool the soak in the wisdom that he was giving everyone from his past experiences in this grind. also it was cool going to all these different places and actually meeting people who knew close friends of mine and knew me from my music.

Mistah Wilson: What current and upcoming projects do you have in tha works?

B Dvine: Right now I have a lot of projects I’m wrapping up and prepping. I’m personally going to be dropping The Process of Illumination 2 and I have a EP in the works where I step out of my comfort zone so I’m looking forward to everyone’s reaction to it. I also have projects that I’m producing for Hawaiian artist D-Rage, We just dropped a visual for a joint we did together called Clipped Wings on YouTube shot by Vego Harris. I have “Werkmode” LP with Karnage Ca$hman from New Jersey coming out as well and entirely produce by me. I Have a project with UK Artist Cuban Pete in the works and I have a EP with Hanz On from Methlab fame coming out called “Hanzarelli” I will also
continue to be dropping singles and producing for other artist along the way as well. I have to keep myself busy you know?

Mistah Wilson: Who are some influential figures that have inspired tha artist you are today?

B Dvine: I grew up listening to alot of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Tragedy Khadafi, Kool G Rap, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, etc etc etc I can keep going I’m a hip hop head at the end of the day. I just appreciate the art and culture of everything.

Mistah Wilson: Who are some artists you’ve been working with lately and would like to work with in tha future?

B Dvine: Right now I’ve been working with my close people Thomas Coppola, Mavz, D-Rage, Cuban Pete, CT MC Paranormal Adam, VT artist Ciurleo, Ross May from San Diego. I knocked out a couple of beats for Ruc MrQB recently. Im definitely going to get some joints done with Pace in the near future but I would also like to do joints with Benny the Butcher, Ghostface, Raekwon, The Lox. I would like to produce for people like Dave East, Nas, Xzibit, people I grew up listening to etc.

Mistah Wilson: What’s your creative process when writing new songs?

B Dvine: My creative process basically depends on the beat that I choose to rhyme to I hear a joint and let the beat take me where my mind chooses to go but sometimes you got to get things out and you don’t have a beat so I’ll just write acapella and find a beat to fit it to.

Mistah Wilson: What have been some challenges and rewards you’ve faced along your journey as an artist?

B Dvine: As far as challenges I would say getting the business in 100% order and dealing with the right people that can bring your goals to the finish line without any setbacks or nonsense. Now and days like they say the music industry is 90% business 10% art. But at the end of the day the rewards are much better and the more important focus than the challenges and those rewards to me are basically getting my art out to people who actually appreciate it and support. working with people who I grew up listening to and appreciate in general. sometimes it’s more rewarding working with a good person in general whether they are well-known or not. also getting able to see the world and
travel by doing what I love to do and of course get a nice paycheck for doing it I can honestly say I’ve been blessed to see all that and I plan on expanding those blessings to higher levels.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people find and follow you online?

B Dvine: Twitter/IG @BDVINE631 and u can check out my website as well BDVINEMUSIC.COM

Mistah Wilson: Yo, B Dvine! It’s been great having you here with us for this exclusive interview with thawilsonblock magazine. If you have any shout outs, go ahead and drop em…

B Dvine: Yes indeed once again thank you for having me! Shout out Thawilsonblock Magazine for reaching out to me. Shout out Pacewon, Paranormal Adam & DJ KJay, Fourth Degree, Ross May, Sympl, DueceBug, DJ Darkflow, STS Blue, Rugz BLVD, D-Rage, Solomon Childs, Thomas Coppola, Cuban Pete, Mavz, Karnage, Ruc, Scrooge Owens, Marissa MJ Savino, Dinapoli Audio Visual, everyone who shows love and support in general! Family, Friends, Fans etc. Love is love!

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

B. Dvine featuring D-Rage - Clipped Wings (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Prod. By B. Dvine

B.Dvine drops the official video for his track Clipped Wings featuring newcomer D-Rage.

Dvine shines as usual over one of his trademark bangin beats. D-Rage shows his potential in the video shot and edited by Vego Harris (Fourth Degree) @selfishprez

Download/Stream Clipped Wings today!

Check out the video below:


Sunday, 15 September 2019

Cuban Pete ft Dro Pesci - BURN - Prod Bo Faat Beatz - Cuts and mix DJ E.Rex

UK based artist Cuban Pete does it again with a fire collab with Staten Island mc Dro Pesci.

Fresh from his successful mixtape release The Standout (hosted by the legendary Krumbsnatcha), Cuban Pete hooks up with Staten Island NY MC Dro Pesci.

Dro is known for his When I Blow Up Dont Show Up mixtape series (Get Vol 4 HERE) and was more recently heard on Wu Tang General Method Man's album The Meth Lab on the track 'Rain All Day'.

'Burn' was originally on a different beat but producer Bo Faat Beatz stepped in to give the track new life. Then DJ E.Rex of E.Rex Muzic did the hook and mixed the track which has been well received by Hip Hop sites, blogs, and radio shows.

 'Burn' is available for stream and download on most digital platforms.

Website & social media links:

Cuban Pete:

Dro Pesci: 

DJ E.Rex: 

Bo Faat Beatz: 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Graveyard Shifter x Falling Down - The Genophage

Graveyard Shifter has rereleased his collab album with Wu Tang affiliated producer Falling Down.
Its concise at only 9 tracks long but packed with that trademark tombstone flow from Shifter over the usual bangers we've come to expect from Falling Down.

Stream below and download HERE

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Check out Mr Scratch Hook - E.rex Muzic

DJ E.Rex does it all; beats, rhymes, mixing, production and of course scratch hooks

E.Rex aka Mr Scratch Hook broke into the music business in 1989 in South Florida on Hot Records for a single and then later signed to Angel Eyes Records for an album.

Fast forward to now and he has taken a break from doing his own music to produce, mix and scratch, the latest project from Hip Hop legend Blaq Poet.

E is also working on a hook for a track from C75 Live's Cuban Pete. The track features Staten Island native Dro Pesci over a beat from producer Bo Faat and is sure to be a banger.

Check out his website
and peep the video below for his track with Chris Rivers and Mikey D

Monday, 2 September 2019

BDVINE × Ross May = Bars And Guitars

B.DVINE teams up with Ross May on this episode of Bars and Guitars while on the Full Blast Summer Tour 6 in Long Island NY

Check out the video below:

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Sixxpho x Cuban Pete ft Yung Jay - Loyalty - OUT NOW

Sixxpho brought in Cuban Pete for a laid back joint to show the summer is far from over. 
Both MCs give their own perspectives on what Loyalty means to them while Yung Jay brings it all together with a playalistic style hook sure to get you singing along.

Sixxpho reps Nashville with a strong southern drawl while West Midlands to North East transplant Cuban Pete reigns in his rough UK vocals to smooth into the flow.

Check out the promo video ad below and
Add Loyalty to your playlist on Spotify
Get it on Apple Music

Sixxpho Facebook

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Mind Power Entertainment - United Nationz of Hip Hop Vol 4

Mind Power Entertainment release the latest in their mixtape series United Nationz Of Hip Hop
Vol 4 is hosted by Dane Uno.

Dane is a protege of Kool Keith and is currently riding high on the success of his King Of Trap single. Keith makes an appearance on the track which features on this mixtape along with several other tracks from Dane.

The mixtape also features label head Krumbsnatcha along with fellow artists Regal and BTG. C75 Live's Cuban Pete also features and did the artwork as well as putting the tape together with Mind Power's Justis Hype.

Check out the full mixtape below and stream/download it free HERE

Get Danes last album 'Everything In The Dark Comes To The Light' HERE
Check out the King Of Trap video below:

For Mind Power Wear 
click the pic below:

Thursday, 29 August 2019

16 Barz Of Fire Interview With B.Dvine

During the recently completed Full Blast Tour 6 B.Dvine took time out to join host Jynx for the 2nd episode of the new 16 Barz Of Fire interview series
At the end of the interview guests have to take a dab of Da Bomb Hot Sause and try and spit 16 bars before succumbing to the heat.

Check out Dvines interview below:

Featured Artist B. Dvine
I.G. @bdvine631
Presented and Hosted By Unleash The Underground and JYNX
I.G. @unleash_the_underground

Filmed By Vego Harris

Sunday, 18 August 2019

The Standout on CD now!!!

One of Cuban Pete's best received projects is out on hardcopy at last for all the collectors.

In full jewel case with immediate download of the digital version included.

Get it HERE

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

OneMike - Hammerdance Freestyle - Stream

With a new single dropping soon OneMike hits you with a dope freestyle track over the Slaughterhouse Hammerdance beat to tide you over.

Check it out below:

Sixxpho - Rich Soul - Dir by Beardforce Films

Sixxpho drops a new video from Beardforce Films 
described as the story of his life

Eric Byford from Beardforce Films wrote a letter to those interested in the project explaining his involvement:

I took this project on for a couple reasons...
- Richard Hearn II (Sixxpho) works as hard as anyone I know chasing his dreams while still being a devoted husband and father
- I believe in the song which is of the utmost importance to me as a filmmaker to connect not only with the artist but the song’s message.
- I usually produce, write or direct. And normally have a crew. I wanted to test myself by having zero crew and my camera operating skills to see if I could pull out of my head what I saw for this song...with a camera, a DJI that fits in your pocket using nothing but natural light. This challenged me to prove you don’t need the most elaborate or expensive latest greatest equipment to tell stories or stop you from creating.
If you don’t mind supporting a couple of local artists, please check out this video, comment, and share it.
If hip hop isn’t your thing, I get it but at least listen to the message and if nothing else do it for the sake of supporting two hard working dads chasing their dreams­čÖé
A huge THANKS to another hard working dad and incredibly talented artist himself, Joel Ender Bowen VanBrocklin the best Editor I know. If you have any editing needs this is your guy. Promise you that.
Without further ado...
“Rich Soul” from Sixxpho
Beardforce Films
Much love!

Peep the video below:

Monday, 12 August 2019

B. Dvine - Nothing Personal (Official Music Video)

Cover art by Cuban Pete for C75 Live

B.Dvine drops the official video for Nothing Personal

The video for the track taken from The Process Of Illumination mixtape is directed by Vego Harris.
Stream and download the track HERE

Dvine is currently on tour with PaceWon, Lingo x Pera from Grind Mode Cypher, and others

Check out the video below:

Sunday, 4 August 2019

AirdriftSignals: Cuban Pete interview and The Standout mixtape review

New Cuban Pete Interview and 'The Standout' Review
AirdriftSignals is a music blog run by Stefan Walczak, also known as DJ Darkflow. 
 Stefan studied English and creative writing and created AirdriftSignals with the goal of writing thoughtful music reviews and to give his followers updates for his radio show. 

His writing continued after school in the form of two paperback releases, a poetry collection, the first in a series, and a horror novella, Crimson Sky, which comes with its own original soundtrack composed by DJ Dark Flow. 

Now, Stefan continues to expand the AirdriftSignals brand into artist spotlight interviews/reviews, mainstream album reviews, and other various music articles while also looking forward to releasing his next collection of poetry later this year. Check them out on Amazon.

His second interview on the site is C75 Live owner Cuban Pete. Also posted today was a full review of Cuban's latest project 'The Standout' mixtape.

Cuban Pete Interview
The Standout Review

Get The Standout mixtape HERE

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Cuban Pete x SmuveMassBeatz x Dungeon Masta - No Wannabeez Allowed

Cuban Pete, SmuveMassBeatz, and Dungeon Masta rep their crews and address the many wannabe Wu Tang affiliates, including those who use the W for clout or financial gain.

Over a smooth but still bangin beat by B.Dvine the three MC's take it in turns to state their opinions on the ever growing list of official and self proclaimed affiliates that have entered the game since the Wu first burst on the scene. And the message is definitely; be original and create you're own lane.

Stream the track below or STREAM/DOWNLOAD HERE

BEATS: SmuveMassBeatz - Ghetto Govt Officialz Beatstrumentals

SmuveMassbeatz, Producer for Wu Affiliate Judah Priest of (ZU BULLIEZ) and Dungeon Masta (BK ZU), drops new collection of beats for the MCs.

As a member of 144000 Chosen Few / Dirty Clanzmen / G.G.O. Smuve continues to use his skillz creating east coast flavor Hip Hop for the world.


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

BEATS: DJ Iceman - The GGO Beat Tape

GGO in house Producer DJ Iceman is releasing some of his beat beats to showcase his beatmaking skills and show why hes a valued part of the GGO movement. 

This 7 track showing is a trip into the mind of the GGO General. 

Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man affiliate Hell Razah presents Hell Razah Music, Inc. GGO (Ghetto Govt Officialz). HRMI is an independent record label affiliated with Razah's global community movement Ghetto Govt (Go Hear Emmanuel Teach the Others God's Only Victorious Truth) which began in the late 90's.

In 2013 Razah officially launched his roster of artists that will formally represent his legacy as the Ghetto Govt Officialz. GGO. In addition to his artist roster, Razah has recruited the finest in-house production staff, graphic designers, and others dedicated to keeping GG/ HRMI a self-sustaining revolutionary phenomenon.

Stream or download via Bandcamp or Datpiff
and dont forget to visit

Saturday, 13 July 2019

NEW MIXTAPE: Wu-Files 9 Hosted by Dungeon Masta Mixed by DJ Flipcyide

The Wu Saga Continues with Wu-Files 9 Hosted by Dungeon Masta 
Presented by the Wu World Wide DJ Coalition and Mixed by DJ Flipcyide 

Featuring Dungeon Masta, Sav Killz, Killah Priest, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Napoleon (Wu-Syndicate), RJ Payne, Supreme Allah Magnetic, Bless The General, Judah Priest, DJ Iceman, Dee Hitz, SYINTIFIK, Mic Handz, L Epifany, Macks Wondah, Deathsquadron, Rubbabandz, Brixk Da Boss, Solomon Childs, Kinetic 9 aka Beretta 9, Cuban Pete, SmuveMassBeatz, Hell Razah, Tha Soloist, Recognize Ali, Tinot Vendetta, Princess Anies, Karnage Ca$hman, Queen Eyelysee, 8ighty8 (SITH & iNTeLL), CITYSPARKS, Broadway Bisc, Woodie, Saysha Blanco and much more

C75 Livers will notice Cuban Pete on there. No Wannabeez Allowed will be dropping officially soon

Stream below or DOWNLOAD FREE HERE or HERE

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cuban Pete x Rex Regis - Stop Face - prod DJ Iceman

West Midlands and North East collide on new track

Cuban Pete drops a new single taken from his upcoming project West Mids 2 North Beast.
Cuban, born in the West Midlands UK but now living in Redcar in the North East hooks up with N.E. legend Rex Regis to trade rhymes over a smooth beat from US producer DJ Iceman.

DJ Iceman has been hard at work pumping out beats for many projects as of late, as well as his own beat tapes. You can hear his work and purchase beats at

Stream/download the track below or on most digital platforms including
Apple Music - Spotify - Deezer - and more

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

SGRP presents - Sygnał CZerwony MixTape


SGRP/Studio Gigant drops a mixtape entirely produced by him.

Stream the project below or download HERE
Also available on Datpiff

Sunday, 7 July 2019

New Mixtape: Cuban Pete - The Standout - FREE DL

The Standout mixtape Out Now!
Cuban Pete has several projects in the pipeline but none of them were finished in time to drop on his birthday so instead of rushing them he dropped this mixtape style collection of tracks instead, hosted by the legendary Krumbsnatcha.

Cuban has worked with many MCs and has dropped a ron of features. Some of which havent even been released yet.

This collection is some of his latest, and a few older ones, to show off his catalogue and reach.
Featured artists include Solomon Childs, Tragedy Khadafi, MOUF, SmuveMassBeatz, Dungeon Masta, BoFaatBeatz, BDvine, Odd Thomas, DJ Modesty, Ill Proceeja. Samuel Tafari, Ju Muny, Mavz, OneMike, Vishus Da Mobsta, Tom Skeemask, and Jabbo Tha Macnificent.

Stream the project below or download FREE HERE

If you like the cap Cuban is wearing on the cover click the pic below to get your own:

BEAT VIDEO: DJ Iceman - The Champion

DJ Iceman drops a promo vid to promote his latest beat The Champion

DJ Iceman has been putting his beats out there like crazy lately. Documenting his progression with new programs and hardware/software on social media he is not afraid to let people know he is still learning while showing he is constantly improving.

Check out The Champion below and go to to check out more of his work and purchase beats.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

VIDEO: Bo Faat Beatz - Supa Cypha Remix

BoFaat Beatz drops the remix to his Supa Cypha track

The track features 13 MCs from the US and a couple of international features, including C75 Live's Cuban Pete.

We posted the original mix when it dropped but for the remix BoFaat put together an interesting  video using everything from still photos for the MCs that didnt come through to phone and camera footage of the artists performing their verses.

Stream and download both versions free on BoFaat's soundcloud HERE
and watch the video below:

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Cuban Pete - Whatcha Gonna Do (Roobs and Dox diss)

Cuban Pete drops fresh diss track
In the aftermath of his last diss track aimed at Dox an unknown MC called Roobs or Roobio inserted himself in the beef. 

This clout chaser made some comments on Facebook and dropped a diss of his own aimed at Pete,  even though it wasn't Pete who mentioned him on his collab with fellow TEST Squad member Sixxpho.

Although claiming no allegiance to either side he has since being revealed to be doing a joint track with Dox, again aimed at Pete. Clout chasing 101 folks.
Dox has also has another diss in the works but had to change the artwork as the below average designer stole some artwork from an actual designer he was working with. Lost the battle before he even dropped the track!

With Roobs just out for attention and Dox's name in the mud, Cuban has stated this is his last reply on the topic and he will not be giving any further shine to these unknowns as he is busy finishing several releases slated for later in the year.

Check out the track below:

Friday, 28 June 2019

DoomDaWiz - The Underground Scriptures

DoomDaWiz drops his free boombap celebration mix 'The Underground Scriptures'.

Featuring Hip Hop Jones, Mikey D, Too Hot, John Jigg$, M.O.U.F, Rockwelz Forbes, NDaKut, HighLifeHalf, Ja Rajeem, Brix, Konflik, Joe Mack, Grandmaster Caz, St1ckz Diamondeyez, Bird, Emskee (The Good People), Saint (The Good People), Peter Sparker, Twistar, Afrok, Learic, Greasy P, Raw Deff, Hostile, Mikey D, Crotona P BX, Lot Pacosso , Eddie Brock, Mar Rahqid, Cuban Pete, DRock, Tryfe, and of course DoomDaWiz himself.

Check the trailer below 
and download FREE here -

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Welcome PButcha to the C75 Live family

C75 Live would like to welcome producer PButcha to the fold!

Producer PButcha (aka Metal Barz), founder of Black Tactics / North Pole Records, remains hidden underground in The City with a Heart Of Gold.

After developing over 21 artists PButcha has earned his respect working with some of the best underground artist from the North. Northpole Records has opened up for a few of Canada's biggest artist's,such as Kardinal Official and Chocolair, as well as D-12.

PButcha has produced beats for tracks with artists such as Canibus, Planet Asia, and (as it was recently discovered) Ice Water members Chuck Lite and Nyy Brim with Method Man on their underground smash 'Staten Island'.

Check out some of his work on the player below (or on his Reverbnation HERE) and look out for more music coming soon, including 'The Butcha Shop' beat tape and a spot on the C75 Live compilation album.

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Liquid Clarks - Custom Wallys

These one off custom Liquid Clarks (named in honour of GZA's classic album 'Liquid Swords' whose artwork features on them) were first done for Hip Hop artist/producer/promoter M-Eighty about 7 years ago to some fanfare on social media but nothing to indicate the response when he posted this video in his Instagram recently (@almightym80). 

It was reposted by the official Wu-Tang Clan IG (@wutangclan) and at time of uploading here there were 140,000 views with nearly 1000 comments (all positive). 

If you would like something similar, or totally different, contact artist Cuban Pete via email HERE

Check out the video below:

New Single - Ju Muny presents Immortal Kombat - STREAM

Posse cuts in Hip Hop are a beautiful thing but can take a while to put together. So  with 11 MCs in total you know Ju Muny had his work cut out.

The Long Island got the legendary Tragedy Khadafi and some of his fellow Islanders, as well as a couple international MCs, including Loose Skrewz, MOUF, Frank INI, David Lyons, Mavz, St.Rap, B Dvine, Cuban Pete, and Spliff Irie. 

The track is dedicated to featured emcee Frank INI who passed away recently.

The artwork, based on the computer game the track takes its title from is by Cuban Pete/C75 Live.

The track is available to stream and download on Spotify, Amazon, AppleMusic, and more.

Or stream below:

Ju Muny Facebook

Nyy Brim n Chuck Lite Ft Method Man - Staten Island - prod P Butcha

Official video for Nyy Brim and Chuck Lite single 'Staten Island'.

The two MCs, who are part of Raekwon's Ice Water team, bring in heavy hitter Method Man to get this joint poppin.

You really need to ignore the vocal tag on the start of the beat because it was put there by an unknown producer who hijacked it from upcoming beat maker PButcha and claimed all the credit.

Hopefully with the truth coming to light P Butcha will be moving upwards and onwards and is currently working with the C75 Live team. His next track will feature Cuban Pete and Gangstarr Foundation legend Krumbsnatcha.

The Staten Island video was shot by GVisuals.
Check it out below:

Cuban Pete x Sixxpho - Sorry Not Sorry (Dox Boogie Diss)

TEST Squad member Sixxpho jumps into the fray, after some verbal sparring online, following the release of Cuban's first diss track 'The Dare'.

Even tho he followed up with a weak reply track, Dox was so upset by the fallout he blocked Cuban on social media and even reported the posts containing the track as 'harassment', making him look even weaker from a Hip Hop perspective. He also reported posts showing proof of him owing Cuban money, something he had previously denied.

Check out Cuban and Sixxpho's track, over the classic Mobb Deep beat, below

Thursday, 13 June 2019

NEW MUSIC: Sixxpho - I Am

Sixxpho drops his new album 'I Am'

Nothing but honest lyrics and deep thoughts that bang from start to finish.

Available on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Graveyard Shifter - Undercoverhumans/ Victory God Chant (Prod By King H)

Graveyard Shifter drops TWO new tracks

Fans who have been fiending since his last Project Cloverfield project get something to keep the hunger at bay.

Stream below:

BoFaat Beatz presents Supa Cypha

German producer/beatmaker BoFaat drops 13 man posse cut

Supa Cypha features: Taiyamo Denku , Cuban Pete, Astro Jones , Jay the black Hippie, Alpha Sigma, Doc Remedy, John Doe, FellPeepz, Hidden, Capital X, Egocentrik , Moicano MC and GORE

Stream/download it below or HERE and look out for visuals coming soon

Cuban Pete - The Dare (Dox Boogie Diss) - Stream

C75 Live's Cuban Pete goes straight for the neck of someone who is probably unknown to most but has made a name for himself with many artists over the years by lying, scamming, and outright thieving everything from cash to features.

After years of begging for a diss track Cuban obliged and banged out nothing but straight facts over a classic Beanie Sigel beat.

Although crying on social media Dox has not refuted anything stated on the track which says it all.

Stream below or Stream/Download HERE

C75 Live x Hell Razah collab - Official Laptop Backpack


C75 Live and Hell Razah (Sunz Of Man/Ghetto Govt Officialz) official merch is available again ready for the summer so you can get ready to go back to school in style, carry your equipment to the office, or just to keep your everyday stuff where you want it

* 900D Nylon material and front print laptop backpack
* Large zipper compartment with interior lining laptop sleeve
* Two inside /side pockets and adjustable shoulder straps
* Perfect backpack for students, travel goers, family outings or for daily use

Cop it HERE

Monday, 27 May 2019

Styles Freely - I Am Love - Stream

West Coast MC Styles Freely drops his new project 'I Am Love'
Stream it on Spotify
and watch the video for the opening track below:

Saturday, 25 May 2019

NEW MUSIC: 2 Piece - Cosm ft Joker Starr

New track '2 Piece' is from the upcoming Cosm LP "Iron Statue" produced by g-man (Decksterrortry Productions).
Cosm (B-Line Recordings) is well known in the Bournemouth area having performed on many B-Line Records.

Iron Statue is the follow up to his "Scraps From The Kings Table "debut produced by fellow Bournemouth heavyweight Cerbz.

Having relocated to Berkshire he's teamed up with underground Producer/Dj g-man form Decksterrortry Productions.

The upcoming Rocky inspired L.P Includes Features from C.A.M/Joker Starr/Relly/El Ay plus more.
Keeping true to his heritage it features many Italian references.

Physical copies should be dropping later this year.

Feel free to play,tag,share the shit outta it!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Tactical Strikes - Cuban Pete x SpiderDaGod prod Spion Liape

Cuban Pete teams up with SpiderDaGod to drop bombs on back to back verses. 
This is the 2nd single from Cuban Pete's upcoming 'Camouflage Karma' project entirely produced by Spion Liape.

Get the track HERE and watch the visuals below: 
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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Flock Goddy - Feelin It - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Flock Goddy drops the official video for his latest track 'Feelin It'.
The track, produced by Young Devante, is off his 'Westside Nights' mixtape.
Directed by FlexTwoTime Productions/FFStudios the video really helps set the mood for this emotion filled track.

Check it out below:

Westside Nights Is Flock's First Mixtape Project Under His New Independent Label Scott La Rock Music Group Records LLC™.
Get the Westside Nights mixtape HERE


Saturday, 11 May 2019

Dee1One - H.A.L.L. - OUT 12th May!!! Stream For The Stars now!

Dee One is dropping his debut project titled H.A.L.L. (Hustlin All Life Long) May 12th on all streaming services under the Scott LaRock Music Group imprint

Overseen by Scott LaRock Jr, with production from Quiet Mindz And Others, this project sets the tone for what H.A.L.L. stands for.

Meantime check out his latest track For The Stars below:

Friday, 10 May 2019

B.Dvine RapTherapyRadio Interview - Stream

Rap Therapy Radio recently did a live interview with MC/Producer B.Dvine.
The Long Island native has been very busy recently and also has a whole lot of things in the works that are all set to blow him up this year.

Stream below or on iHeart HERE and Spreaker HERE

Listen to "B.Dvine LIVE ON AIR" on Spreaker.