Tuesday 31 December 2019

Cuban Pete x Falling Down - 5 Pointz ep - Pre-Order Now!!!

Cuban Pete hooks up with Wu affiliated producer Falling Down for the 5 track ep '5 Pointz'.

Named after the now destroyed New York graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz; each track is named after a different legend in the graffiti world:

1. Marketing, design, and technology genius Insa
2. Style master general Dondi
3. Documentor of the scene Henry Chalfont
4. Streets to gallery exponent Futura
5. And the Godfather of Graffiti Seen

Each artists work/career lends itself to the feel of the track in style and/or theme.

The project was mixed and mastered by DJ Erex who also did cuts on 3 of the tracks.
C75 Live artists B.Dvine and Graveyard Shifter are featured as well as fellow G.G.O. member Karnage Ca$hman.

Look out for the single Dondi coming soon.
Pre-order digital or physical CD via C75 Live direct HERE
or via other main digital platforms HERE

Falling Down:

DJ E.Rex: