Thursday 30 January 2020

NEW SINGLE: Sixxpho - Myself

Sixxpho gets deep on introspective new single

"Myself" is a conversation with his younger self, put in motion with melodic tones over a chill vibe. 

The song was written because everyone wishes they could tell their younger self something important-something that could change their life for the better or give guidance.

Stream below and download HERE
Also available to stream/download on Spotify - apple Music - Amazon and more

Sunday 26 January 2020

B.Dvine feat Erick Sermon, D-Rage, Cuban Pete - Hush Now

B.Dvine called in the legendary Erick Sermon for a high powered assist on his new single.

Hush Now, also featuring newcomer D-Rage and Cuban Pete on hook duties, is taken from Dvine's upcoming project 'Times Have Changed'. The full project drops February 7th and is available for pre-order on Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and more.

Erick Sermon is an American rapper, musician, and record producer. Sermon is best known as one-third, alongside PMD & DJ Scratch, of golden era hip hop group EPMD and for his production work.

Stream Hush Now below and download HERE

Mixed by @unspokenvirtue
Artwork by @c75designs 

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Brothers From Another Planet

C75 Live's Super Ego has formed a new Hip Hop duo with his real life brother Bent Halo; 'I'm The Nightmare, He's The Dream'

So far the pair have dropped a couple of tracks on their Bandcamp site with Ego on production as well as rhyming on one too.

The brothers are complete opposites, Ego says he is the dream and Halo is the nightmare.

Check out the tracks below and look for more coming soon.

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Tuesday 14 January 2020

STRATEGIC PLAY: Milwaukee's Hip Hop Chess Club

First rule of chess club? Talk about chess club
Chess and Hip Hop have been intertwined longer than just the Wu Tang connection as true heads have always had a mind as strong as the beats and rhymes they listen to.

It’s Tuesday night in the back room of a small salon south of downtown Milwaukee, and it’s time for chess club. Here it’s a game of strategy, intellect, rigor, and something else: Milwaukee’s hottest hip-hop beats. This is home for the Hip-Hop Chess Club of Wisconsin.

Brandon Kitts is a Milwaukee hip-hop producer who works under the name Super Ego Beats. He’s co-coordinator of the Hip-Hop Chess Club.

“People always say, like what? Hip hop, chess? How does that go together, I love hip-hop. I just love it. We live it. We breathe it. Yeah. And the chess comes into play. And it’s just, it’s a great experience.”

The club meets once a week. Tables with chess boards are set up so kids of all ages can play chess with each other or an adult mentor. Meanwhile Kitts sets up a computer, microphone and drum pad near the chess boards for people to create their own music.

“Basically, they come here to learn how to play chess, and then we listen to hip-hop beats and people can cypher, which is a freestyle session and learn how to rap and learn how to make beats,”

Chess is usually played in silence, so this is likely Wisconsin’s loudest chess club, but for the kids, it’s also the most fun. Ego believes chess teaches kids valuable decision-making skills.

“I could take that rook right there, but do I want to lose my queen in the process? Nah. You know what? Let’s take a step back and let’s figure out a different way, We hope that they learn how to kind of see the bigger picture and think about their actions, the consequences of their actions.”
Kitts says this unlikely combination of chess and hip-hop music is giving people a space to get together and move forward, one square at a time.  

The plan is to expand the club to offer other hip-hop focused programs.  

“We really hope to impact the community for the better,” Kitts says. “Make a positive impact for kids that might not otherwise have a creative outlet. I love that fact that all these people are coming from different walks of life within our community, I look forward to this every Tuesday. It’s like my favorite day.”

Taken from an article by Trevor Keller for Wisconsin Life.
Original article HERE
Video originally aired on the PBS Channel

Wednesday 8 January 2020

AirdriftSignals Review: Cuban Pete x Falling Down - 5 Pointz

Music site Airdrift//Signals did an amazing review of Cuban Pete's new 5 Pointz ep

Writer Stefan Walczak (aka DJ Darkflow) is a very knowledgeable and astute writer that pays great attention to detail and is able to accurately identify influences and intentions of the artist.

About the track 'Henry Chalfont' he writes:
         "The beat then steps into the fold, as a murderous track about the camera and surveillance system as it's being turned against us nowadays. Graveyard Shifter and Cuban Pete remind listeners that we are on the cusp of humanity's greatest fight, for our privacy and for our lives."

Read the full review HERE

Tuesday 7 January 2020

Cuban Pete x Falling Down - 5 Pointz ep - OUT NOW

Cuban Pete drops new ep '5 Pointz' with Wu affiliated producer Falling Down

Named after the now destroyed New York graffiti Mecca 5 Pointz; each track is named after a different legend in the graffiti world:

1. Marketing, design, and technology genius Insa
2. Style master general Dondi
3. Documentor of the scene Henry Chalfont
4. Streets to gallery exponent Futura
5. And the Godfather of Graffiti Seen

Each artists work/career lends itself to the feel of the track in style and/or theme.

The project was mixed and mastered by DJ Erex who also did cuts on 3 of the tracks.
C75 Live artists B.Dvine and Graveyard Shifter are featured as well as fellow G.G.O. member Karnage Ca$hman.

Stream/download digital or cop a physical CD via C75 Live direct HERE
or get it via other main digital platforms HERE

Falling Down:

DJ E.Rex:

Sunday 5 January 2020

New Single: Cuban Pete - Dondi

With his '5 Pointz' ep dropping 7th January (out for pre-order now on digital and CD, HERE) Cuban drops the first single Dondi.

Dondi, as with the rest of the ep, is produced by Falling Down.

Stream/download Dondi below and on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, and more; HERE

Dondi is on the official Cuban Pete Spotify playlist. 
Check it out HERE

New Products On Sale In C75 Live Merch Shop

To start off the New Year Cuban Pete added some new products to the C75 Live merch collection.

First is a throwback design 'Property Of C75 Live' shirt.
Followed by another logo shirt, this time for F.N.B.G. Records. FNBG, an acronym for Fear Nothing But God, is the label Cuban is signed to.

Also are two new snapbacks embroidered with the C75 Live and Cuban Pete logos.

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