Monday 8 January 2024

Idris Elba - Knives Down feat. DB Maz

Iris Elba appeals for urgent government action on serious youth violence with his new campaign 'Don’t Stop Your Future' and to coincide with its launch today (8th January 2024), he shares the single and music video entitled ‘Knives Down’.

In the video directed by MD Films, Idris is seen holding a debate in the House of Commons, alongside the families of victims, as their stories and those of the worst affected communities across the UK are poignantly highlighted.

The track, which features UK rapper DB Maz and is produced by the acclaimed Fraser T Smith and FaNaTiX, represents the frustration and anger towards the government for their inaction on knife crime. It features hard-hitting lyrics which urge Parliament to take urgent action, having neglected addressing the issue for too long - giving a voice to those most impacted by knife crime and to use the power of music to raise awareness of the issue.

Alongside this special release today, Idris is at Parliament Square presenting a backdrop of outfits symbolic of all the lives lost to knife crime last year. He's also calling for the Government to action the immediate banning of zombie knives and machetes, as well as funding youth services.

Stream 'Knives Down ft. B Maz' HERE and check the video below