Tuesday 23 April 2019

VIDEO: Leddie MC ft Alex Bailey - Hunting the Hunter

Leddie MC has been setting the North East alight for a while now.
From her days with Northern Lights, to then becoming a duo with fellow former member Smoggy, to her increasingly important role as a solo performer. 

Hip Hop in the UK has always been centered on male voices from London so whether you like her music or not its highly impressive that a female voice from the North is gaining such attention.

Leddie has always been a technical MC and to hear her tell it she's almost started to dumb down to expand her fan base but there is still plenty of wordplay in there that would fly over the head of the casual listener who might hear her tracks on the radio because there's a singer on the hook.

The video for 'Hunting The Hunter' video, by Escape Route Media, brings a distinctly British urban feel as Leddie drops verses that stick a stiff middle finger up at the establishment.

'Hunting the Hunter' is available NOW on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Check out the video below and get the album Raise A Glass HERE

Keep up with Leddie on Facebook and Twitter and watch out for an appearance from her on C75 Live owner Cuban Pete's upcoming project 'West Mids 2 North Beast'