Monday 13 October 2014

C75 Live welcomes Cleno Jovanni to the team!

I am Cleno Jovanni an Emcee and Producer (I'm a GIRL). I've been Emceeing for 9 years now even better now then in the past and I've been actively producing for 6 years. I use FL Studios for my productions and M-Audio for my vocals and mixing/mastering. I've used other programs such as Logic Pro, Garage Band, and Reasons 3 & 4. I'm not looking for exposure or the road to fame, I'm here to show people the realness of hip-hop. Hip-hop today seems like it's going down the tubes but I'm the one of the few who keep it real in this hip-hop game. I'm not going to talk about hustling, guns (Unless to stop violence), cars, etc. Hip-hop is an expression of life and how one lives it. What you see on TV isn't hip-hop sadly....If you like good hip-hop please take a moment to listen to my music. I'm working on school at the moment. Yes, college comes before music and education is key to having a successful career. I work with REAL EMCEES so none of that "Shawty in da club" crap. No offense to artists who do this type of music but it's not for me. If you like realness and love Underground hip-hop support me and fellow Underground artist as well. Also, all lyrics are done by me and also beats I've made are produced by me (Copyrighted). I do sample here and there but I give props to the original artist regardless if they're alive or deceased.