Saturday 30 January 2016

Boombox Saintz supporting Strange Music's PROZAK - Feb 12th!!!

Come show your Love for Hip Hop this Valentines Weekend with Strange Music artist PROZAK LIVE at the Xtra920 downtown Appleton,WI!!! 
With Valentines drink specials to kick off the weekend featuring 4 flavors of Effen Vodka!! 10$ All You Can Effen Drink for the ladies and 20$ All You Can Effen Drink for the guys!!! 

Only 15$ presale tickets and 20$ at the door for Strange Music's Prozak LIVE @ Downtown Appleton's Premiere Club.....The Xtra 920 with Face Entertainment!!!

Hosting is Face Entertainments own Bo1kått the Impostar

Featured act Prozak

Supporting acts:
BoomBox Saintz (Milwaukee)
Sheol Dynasty
Rhythmical Braille
BiGGeR ProDuctionZ
Gary D
Damien Quinn
Bloody Ruckus

Listen to the track 'Cypher Uppercut' by Saintz brothers SuperEgo and Bent Halo off the Organic ep by producer SGRP.
You can download the whole project free HERE