Tuesday 26 April 2016

Cuban Pete & Samuel TaFari - 'Jokers Wild' single - Coming soon!

Sebastian Redski from Studio Gigant Redeye Productions is getting ready to release the new single off the Organic 2 ep that will be coming soon. The track, 'Jokers Wild', features C75 Live artist Cuban Pete and Samuel TaFari from Ill Of Writes spinning crime themed tales over a dope SGRP beat.
You can peep the singles official artwork below and also the alternative artwork by C75 GFX (C75 GFX Facebook).
You can catch the first Organic ep here: SGRP Bandcamp, which also features a Cuban Pete solo track.
Also watch out for Samuel on Cuban Pete's upcoming album 'Riddle Me This'.
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Official artwork

C75 GFX alternative artwork