Wednesday 29 June 2016

Cuban Pete - 'Enough Is Enough' - Track review by

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We submitted Cuban Pete's new track 'Enough Is Enough' for review and below is what came back. Altogether it pretty much summed up Cuban Pete and the sort of sound we like here at C75 Live. Take a read (and stream the track if you havent already) below it:

"Production started out with an old school, talib/mos def vibe.. I am assuming you're more underground focused with your music? Really enjoying the content from a depth perspective though..

You have an obvious accent, but your projection and enunciation is delivered well. A gritty-ish sound in your vocals, adds to the sound of the track however. I enjoy giving my critique from an industry perspective, but I realize not all artists are looking for mainstream/commercial success with their work.
The overall feel of this song brings me back to a time in the late 90's, something you just kind of relax, smoke, and chill to when you have the time to focus on the content over the production.

With that being said. From a song-writing approach, this was put together well. Production was great, though I feel the vocals could be a bit more sharp over the beat, not really a major deal though. With this being more of a conscious track, I find it tough to get audiences to quickly connect as the current times in music holds production over content (attention grab) and an almost immediate sensation (hook, phrase, trend, etc) to build quick interest.

Personally, I enjoy the song. It has good direction, and put together in the old format. Now... however, I am more fond of hearing new ways of orchestrating a song besides the common hook verse hook verse hook... I like to hear the creative process in the track through great style transitions, bridges, even a little variety in the production as even a great sounding track can become mundane through consistency. The listening audience is much more demanding now. Again though, it's tough as I am not sure what the artists overall direction is.

Amazing art work. FIRE! (No pun intended)

I like to hear the artist sound on different, upbeat, and mainstream productions... mostly out of curiosity how the sound/style would work.

Okay, I took a look through your guys C75 Live site, listened to a few more tracks, The Olympian heights is nice also, but I see you guys are mostly underground/hardcore focused in your lyrics and sound.. on a level of KRS-One, Kool G type... so I assume this is the audience you all are edging towards?... given that, I'd say the content is definitely there. But if more mainstream/media success is sought, a broader variety of music and style would need to be introduced.

Really appreciate you dropping your work here.