Tuesday 22 August 2017

SLR Music Group Mixtape vol 2 - Coming soon!!!

SLR MUSIC GROUP is back, presenting the Hip Hop community with it's compilation Mixtape Volume 2.

 The follow up to Volume 1 presents a heavy dose of true rhymes, skill, and a unique prospective of production. Each artist resemble an authentic view and perspective on how they deliver life and how they see it through the music they make. The artists that appear on this mixtape are Alonzo Fury, SOS Bishop, Perry Papers, Player K, D Nedd, and Ray Pearson. All these artist are based out of New York City.

 This mixtape will feature 11 tracks from the artists listed that will be sure to get your music vibes on high vibrations. Tunes such as "That's the Way Life Goes" (single artwork by C75 Designs) can generate that soulful feel mix with a steady melodic feel that graciously blends well with the tone. The Bronx is rep to the fullest as SOS Bishop delivery signify how real it can get out in the X. To the more aggressive approach but precise style of Player K that will definitely leave a print on this project. The tracks "Dope Boy" and "No Way Out" by D. Nedd familiarizes this new wave of sound that combines raw lyrics and catchy pointers. And Ray Pearson gives you that multicultural flavor with his Puerto Rico background were given the ability to adapt to any kind of rhyme scheme.

Hear Alonzo Fury 'Thats The Way Life Goes' here:

In total SLR MUSIC GROUP goal is to give you good quality music in efforts to push the Culture forward.  This mixtape will deliver just that.



Stream/Download Vol 1 here: