Thursday 26 April 2018


JoethePoet is back unleashing his rage on his newest single titled Legendary 
(out on iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and soon will be getting on Pandora) 

What’s fascinating about this record is the growth I hear from JoethePoet. The passion has always been there from day 1 but his unique sound has blossomed. This record is relatable in a lot of ways as JoethePoet touches base on people not supporting him, coming up from a rough neighborhood, extending himself doing things with people who didn’t have his best interest, and ultimately finding his way out of the dark path in this long journey he has been. 

Overall this is a great record. I’m excited to hear what’s next from him as we expected to get his third album “Pain Changed Me” later on this year. Below are the link to his website where you can get his latest record and social media handles 


Find links to stream and buy HERE


Bronx native JoethePoet delivered his first record of 2018 titled “Legendary” off his third album “Pain Changed Me” which is projected to be released later on in the year. I had the opportunity to chat with JoethePoet and asked him a few questions.

Q: What made you release “Legendary” as the first single off this project?

A: I wanted to set the tone in the very beginning letting the audience and my fans know what I’m striving for. In life you either build or destroy. The way my life has been set up I’m not waking up thinking of self destruction; I wake up with the mindset how can I be better than the previous day because when its all said and done I’m striving to be a legend.

Q: Who produced this record?

A: I did using Logic Pro X

Q:How did this record come about?

A: I’m always studying my previous material before starting a new project and challenge myself to outdoes my previous work. So when I came up with the title and the beat for this record I started thinking about the opening bar to the song. Thats when it hit me and the rest was history.

Q:Yes, the very first bar was intriguing to me when you said “Never born to lose I was born with a Phillips tool/ always on hand just incase I need to tight a screw” can you elaborate on what you meant by that?

A: In the universe you find yourself on this path or journey that your working towards to and sometimes things comes along the way that may distract you from the main goal. It may destroy the whole plan and basically brings back to square one. I wasn’t one of those type of people who had those issues. No loose screws over here. I stay focus on the path I’m working towards to.

Q: Where can the fans download and/or purchase this single?

A: In the music section on my website. Currently on all digital platforms I combined all the links together so it’s easier for anyone to select which platform they use to hear music.

Q:Where can we find you?

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