Tuesday 21 June 2022

New Music: Dame Black - The People Under The Stairs

Dame Black drops his new project 'The People Under The Stairs'

8 tracks deep including the intro the project has a really soulful vibe which is supported by the beautiful vocals of Melanie Rutherford on 'Starlight' and the wise words of Kaliq Sayyid Ra Bey on '6am' and 'Naked Angel'. Aaron Green produced the whole project with beats you can feel in your soul and also plays instruments himself. All these elements give the whole project a real Dungeon Family feel.

Speaking of the inspiration for the ep Dame says "The People Under The Stairs is actually one of my favorite movies but, I used to be in the streets trapping and 90% of my content is street so I looked at the people under the stairs as the clientele. 

I took the movie and, flipped the perspective into a dealers view. I wanted to still reflect the movie as well so I used the actual movie cover as well and, flipped it. Once people hear the EP they’ll definitely understand the similarities and the references." Read the full interview HERE

Features from Rich Vill, Wayne Jay, Project Logic, and Binx B are sprinkled through out that perfectly compliment Dames often introspective but street lyrics and add to the harmonious feel of the album.

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 Check out the first video for 'Kevin Garnett' below: