Saturday 3 February 2024

TABLEEK - Goblin Theory

 Many unique stories start with "once upon a time"..and so check it, once upon a time a bunch untamed young brothers, bonded by the word and beats were determined to beat the streets and started jumping in the studio. Many a test and tribulation later these brothers now known as MASPYKE were fortunate enough to independently release a slew of very well received singles, EPs and albums. Joints like "Step", "54th Regiment", "Truth and Position" and "Gong Show" held resonance with DJs, publications, and promoters from across the world from Stretch and Bobbito (NYC), DJ Revolution (LA), URB Magazine (LA), and XXL Magazine (NYC), Lyricist Lounge (NYC), HipHop Connection (UK) to Blaze Magazine (Japan).

The founding members of Maspyke- after a decade of grinding- parted ways unofficially in the early 2010's, but have since collaborated on many occasions, including this new joint by TABLEEK and RODDY ROD entitled "Goblin Theory".

Conceived in light of what appears to be a resurgence of new joints from (and for) the more polished hiphop aficionados on the earth who haven't adjusted to "Pop-Rap" and who lean outside the box for what we would describe as progressive soulful street hiphop music. Earnest lyricism similar to artists like Homeboy Sandman, Oddisee, J-Live, John Robinson, or Humble Monarchs, where RODDY ROD holds down the day to day.

Speaking of RODDY ROD, "Goblin Theory" is a serious sound manipulation by the unsung producer of Maspyke, Cali Agents, and others. The music he constructs here repurposes the old into this dope blend of a horns, thumping bassline, 80s synth, and Roddy Rod's signature heavy drums, providing the perfect frenzy and incentive for TABLEEK to continue where he left off from recent releases "Future Knots" and "Juice with the Trophy Snatch" to get BUSY. chance, this is just the first of more things to come from these two members of the much beloved collective?

Stay tuned.