Sunday 3 July 2016


Underground legend, Gangstarr Foundation member, and Wu-Tang affiliate Krumbsnatcha has dropped his new album The Key, available now on iTunes.

The tracks, entirely produced by DJ Intrigue, range from emotional, thought provoking, to straight bangers in the true MC style you know to expect from KS.
Check out lead single 'Coming Back' below:

This album is a ode to growth and development especially where the youth are concerned. The album attempts to offer the keys toward inner peace and overcoming adversity. Each listener regardless of age, race, class etc should be able to take a “key” from this project that can enhance their quality of life in some aspect.
Look out for the 2nd single and video 'Sword Style' coming soon.
You can buy the album HERE

Dont forget to watch out for C75 Live's own Cuban Pete on Krumbsnatchas new 'United Nationz' mixtape coming this summer