Thursday 20 October 2016

Throw Back Thursday - Skater Suit Jacket - Explained

Its been noticed this suit jacket doesn't get as much props on social media as we feel it should.
We think we've worked out why.

That is C75 Designs owner/artist Cuban Pete actually wearing the jacket for photos before it was shipped.
Animal heads were photoshopped onto the image so his pretty face didnt distract from the jacket.

Possibly that is where we went wrong. We're starting to think people assume the designs have also been photoshopped on the jacket.

That is not the case. What the customer asked for was painted on the suit jacket, really clean, and the result was photographed and presented in the picture below. 

No tricks. Just clean professional work that you can expect every time from C75 Designs.
If you want work doing please email and let us know.