Sunday 19 February 2017

C75 Live welcomes Graveyard Shifter! - New track stream

C75 Live welcomes Graveyard Shifter to the team. Hes been doing his thing for a minute now and has built up quite a following. Watch that buzz continue through 2017 with C75 Live.

 Once upon a time, An entity by the name of God created humanity,amongst other perks and gifts he gave to them, he gave them a special gift called music,which only a chosen few could manifest through an ability called talent. his servants used the gift righteously and with good intent while his presence was lodged on the planet earth but after AD, mankind became defiant of morality, mankind became a pawn and a tool used by nimrod and his minions to corrupt society, the world became an apocalypse littered with slaves and selfish bigots who turned the gift that was known as music into a weapon of ignorance and destroyed society, with the use of Nimrods number 1 tool, which was money, humanity became thirsty, fiends to fame and the fast life and the whole music industry as we knew it became a den of harlots, pimps,slave masters,coons ,devils and demons, those who chose not to fall victim to the ways of this devlish reality looked up to the skies, Hoping God would answer them and fix the mess that plagued society, so God sent in his favourite illoeim Graveyard Shifter to counter battle the demons and restore balance to an atmosphere on the edge.

Graveyard shifter, an architect of a unique flow called "tombstone raps" is driven by the knowledge of mythology, philosophy, intellectuality and the abundance of concepts within his memory data banks. he dubs his style of music Retro futuristic sino american raps where he delves into at times futuristic sounding beats displaying the art of flow and knowledge. Graveyard Shifter does not believe in NOW, even though physically he dwells with society in present time,his visuals simulate the future and so he tackles his music from that aspect of things. His aim is to make music people can listen to and explore the cosmos right where they sit and stand, his biggest goal is to turn the art of music into therapy, time travel, inception and the key to unlocking the minds inner secrets and greatest power. in Graveyard Shifter's world, there are 2 suns and No night and the setting is post apocalyptic. if you are on this page reading this. i want to thank you for choosing the cosmo express, buckle up on that seat and enjoy the Ride...u gonna love it

- Graveyard Shifter