Monday 6 February 2017

Johnny Fame Exposed: How to turn Strangers into Superfans

If you want to know how to connect with complete strangers, build up your audience, and get them to engage with your content on social media in a short amount of time… ...then Johnny Fames P.A.R.E. Formula is the answer. This is the exact formula Johnny uses to build his loyal following every single day. He built a loyal following in less than 60 days with this formula. This comes straight from the mouth of the horse!

I’ve been following Johnny Fame for a while now. You know, the music marketing blogger that’s been making a lot of noise in the indie artist scene for the past year or so? He’s the founder of and shows indie artists how to market/promote themselves online through psychological and influential content marketing. What if I told you that I was able to get some personal insight from Johnny Fame and that I was going to reveal it all to you so that you can build up a following of superfans that are willing to share your content and even listen to your music?
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The Secret to Building a Loyal Audience in 60 days

When you have very little or no fans, how do you build an audience that will fall in love with you and your music? The truth is, sometimes it’s difficult to build up the right audience that will pay attention. There’s thousands of indie artists out there that are competing for attention. The real question is, how do you instantly grab the attention of strangers and get them to take notice? The answer is simple. Use The P. A. R .E. Formula. Here’s how Johnny Fame explained it. "To pare, means to reduce (something) in size, extent, quantity, or number, usually in a number of small successive stages. If you want to build an audience quickly, you have to reduce the size of the audience you’re trying to target in the first place. The problem is, most artists are trying to get everyones attention. The attention of the masses. That’s a strategy that leads to frustration and very little results. The secret is to focus on the ones that are interested in the type of content you post. Posting what people are interested in, causes them to be interested in you." So how do you do that?

The P. A. R. E. Formula: How to Turn Strangers into Fans.

The formula is as follows…  
Psychological influence  
Attention Grabbing Emotion-Based Content  
Relationship Building 

Psychological Influence: Johnny Fame is big on the psychology of marketing. He says that... “In order to influence people you have to trigger their emotions. Everyone is able to be triggered psychologically through emotion. Marketing is emotion based. Emotion is what moves people into action.. Triggering emotions is what causes people to engage with you on all social media. Wether they know you or not.” So the first step of the formula is to know what emotions to target. And those are… Positive Emotions: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love. In order to move emotions, you MUST have...  

Attention Grabbing Emotion-Based Content: This is the part most artists have trouble with. How do you know what content to post? The answer is simple. Post content that triggers Positive emotions. Johnny says that “All humans experience the same emotions, but not all humans have the same interests. The key is to connect positive content with the interests of your audience, If you can do this, you’ll be way ahead of the competition” But, why does combining positive content and the interests of your audience put you ahead of the competition? Because now you’re doing the most important thing of all…  

Relationship Building: Psychologically-triggered, influential positive content is the master key to building relationships with your audience. Johnny says that… “The only way to get people to care about or show interest in what you do, is to care about and show interest in what they do and who they are first. Relationship building is about giving in order to be able to receive. Not, always trying to find a way to receive without giving. If you want people to listen to your music. Listen to THEM. You were given TWO ears and ONE mouth. That’s a sign that tells us that we should be doing more listening than talking.” The real question here is, how do you find out what type of content people are interested in so that you can post things specifically tailored to them? It’s simple, all it takes is a little...  

Eavesdropping: This is a gem. Johnny says… “Eavesdropping is a major part of what I do. I’m constantly studying the needs, wants, and interests of my audience. It’s extremely easy to find out what people want to see on their timelines. It’s as simple as going to your friend list, looking at a few profiles everyday and paying close attention to what they are talking about. Go to their “Likes” and see what movies, music, books, people, etc.. they’re interested in,. Use that info to your advantage. Another way to find out what they’re interested in is to post a variety of content on your timeline and keep track of what gets the most engagement. Then simply keep posting similar content on that topic.”


So to sum it all up.
  • Reduce the size of people you will be promoting to based on their interests.
  • Trigger their emotions.
  • Post content that combines emotional triggers with their interests.
  • Eavesdrop on their conversations.
The P. A. R. E. Formula is working for Johnny Fame and it will work for you.  
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