Friday 28 April 2017


C75 Live and T.E.S.T. Squad are family so to celebrate T.E.S.T. Squad member Joe Stallion's album 'Legendary' dropping we are offering it for free download for 1 week through the C75 Live Bandcamp.
You are still able to pay whatever you want if you are the type to support artists you like though.
EDIT: Stream only now

Joe Stallion puts on for the city of Nashville, Cashville, or Blastville (whatever you wanna call it) by collabbing with some of the most prolific and dedicated rappers from Nashville's Legacy on one album!! Featuring production from Bandplay, RockItPro Productions and the 12-20 Beats camp, this is a jewel that any fan of Nashville rap can't afford to miss!!

Stream below or click HERE to download or buy via iTunes