Sunday 30 April 2017

WU LAB: Art & Rare Wu Tang Clan Items

Mook and Big O have organized the exhibition of Wu Tang related artwork and rare items that will begin its journey in Paris, France, from 5th to 18th May. Attendees will include Cappadonna, Young Dirty Bastard, and Mathematics. They are looking to then travel the exhibition worldwide, including the UK.

On the date of the 1st world exhibition on the New York hip hop group "Wu Tang Clan" they will publish a book, both exhibition catalog and look at the work that artists and creators who were inspired directly by the group and its universe have done.

If you are a supporter of the Wu brand you can help fund the book and future plans by donating to the cause via their crowdfunding site HERE

C75 Designs will have a place in the book of some of their Wu themed custom work and some items in the UK exhibition when it hits the UK.