Sunday 3 May 2020

Wu-Tang affiliates Zu Ninjaz drop new music from unreleased album


The single, titled “Dangerous,” features Timbo King & DJ King Shiloh. It was released to the public on April 17th along with a music video on a variety of platforms, including Google Play, Apple Itunes, Spotify and Amazon Music.

“We’re thrilled by the public response to the Zu Ninjaz release,” said Shaka Amazulu the 7th. “We went ahead even with current events because we recognized that now is exactly the right time for this song to be heard by the public. We anticipate that “Invading Europe” will be an even greater success.”
Their “Invading Europe” album that is set for release by the end of this summer or early fall and includes features from C75 Live's Cuban Pete and other artists.

The single is available to stream and download on Spotify and other digital platforms.
Check out the video below:

About Zu Ninjaz:
Zu Ninjaz, a Wu-Tang affiliate, is a group of music artists that started in the classic days of hip-hop and rap music. They couple raw intellectual lyrics with a traditional east coast sound. Although they each possess their own unique image and rhyming style, they blend their talents seamlessly. Originally, the group was branded by Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB). After his passing, they worked with Brooklyn Zu to perform an ODB tribute song. Since then, Zu Ninjaz has been creating impressive music that appeals to a variety of music lovers beyond audiences who only listen to traditional hip-hop and rap.