Wednesday 2 December 2015

C75 Live & PR Dean Multimedia present C75 Live Vol 3 - FREE DOWNLOAD

C75 Live, in conjunction with PR Dean Multimedia, bring to you the third in the C75 Live series.
This go round we bring it to you all the way live with nothing but that banging Hip Hop you've come to expect from both parties involved.
PR Dean is an independent label owner who personally manages all his artists, setup budgets for album projects, organize marketing teams, as well as, brain storm and implement all promotions.
As a digital distributor, PR Dean provides fans the opportunity to discover new music as well as classics from artists all over the world.
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Stream & Download (separate tracks plus bonus track)

Stream & Download (1 track mix)


01 B.Dvine feat Tragedy Khadafi, GS Advance, MenaceOBEZ, Vital, Napoleon da Legend, Jukstapose, Sticky Bud, Comet, Blaq Poet - Live Scientist
02 Chris Rivers - Black Hearts
03 Karnage - Im Still
04 Methuzulah feat Ras Kofi & Born Foster - Roads & Barriers
05 Menace OBEZ feat Cuban Pete - Aim Right
06 Rap-P feat Jaz-O- Locked In
07 Innocent feat Tek & Shabaam Sahdeeq- Came Up
08 BankBoy Sota, Rated R, BankBoy Scoot, & BankGirl Kiki - C.R.O.W.N (Freestyle)
09 Flowers feat GOAT - The Spectacular
10 Git & 1MT feat B.White & Jaz-O - Superstar
11 Comet feat Blaq Poet - Hunger Pains
12 B.Dvine, Menace OBEZ, Joe Young, & Fred The Godson - Can I Live
13 OneMike feat Big Tony - Let It Go
14 Dray Yard feat The Niyat - The Ridicule
15 Mokeout - Pray for Me
16 Taj Mahal feat A-Mafia & RRose RRome- 211
17 Tools Beastly feat Termanolgy - Can't Tell Me Nothin'
18 Whosane - I Will Return
19 Bonus Track - MyVerse - Steady (Rock Steady Crew Tribute)