Sunday 23 June 2019

New Single - Ju Muny presents Immortal Kombat - STREAM

Posse cuts in Hip Hop are a beautiful thing but can take a while to put together. So  with 11 MCs in total you know Ju Muny had his work cut out.

The Long Island got the legendary Tragedy Khadafi and some of his fellow Islanders, as well as a couple international MCs, including Loose Skrewz, MOUF, Frank INI, David Lyons, Mavz, St.Rap, B Dvine, Cuban Pete, and Spliff Irie. 

The track is dedicated to featured emcee Frank INI who passed away recently.

The artwork, based on the computer game the track takes its title from is by Cuban Pete/C75 Live.

The track is available to stream and download on Spotify, Amazon, AppleMusic, and more.

Or stream below:

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