Sunday 14 March 2021

Nexus Radio - Cuban Pete Show (Brought to you by ExceptionallySpecialPromotions)

Got to give it up to the C75 promo team. On this episode of Nexus Radio, brought to you by Exceptionally Special Promotions, War & Imam Ron Beyah delve into the mind of Cuban Pete.

With rhymes like “Calm myself with my pet, fingers nestled in fur”…& fake love = no love, & most of these dudes out here scared to show love Cuban Pete proves to be a mastermind wordsmith time & time again.

With instrumentals rhymed on by the like’s of 2pac & slick rick for some dope musical backdrops & very animated & thought-provoking commentary. Exceptionally Special does it to the Max once again! 

Check out the show below: