Tuesday 5 February 2019

Blog Posts 101 - A Guide

Cuban Pete here. I post on several music blogs and people send me things to post.
Some people are managers and some are the artists themselves but a lot of them don't realize what information is needed for someone like me to do a good blog post that's also beneficial for them. So here are 5 things that should really be basics.

An Electronic Press Kit is something every serious artist should have and should include photos, links, a bio, and contact info.

2 Product Info
If you've gone to the trouble of getting promo in the form of a post its presumably because you've got a product to sell such as a single, album, video, merch, etc.
In that case you need to supply links to that product.
If its music then something like a Soundcloud, Bandcamp, or YouTube link where you can get embed codes and people can stream or watch directly from the blog post.
Some information about the product itself (features, how it came about, etc) is also a good idea and can be added to info about the artist that's been pulled from their bio.
Really you should have all this info in the email you have sent out to your contact list.

3 Pictures
Good quality, as professional looking as possible, photos of the artist.
Album/single artwork.
Photos of merch.

4 Links
Now they know all about you and like what they've heard or seen hopefully they'll want to keep up with your other projects, or even interact with you. In which case you need to supply social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and/or links to you or your labels website..

5 Share Share Share
There is no point, especially if you've paid, in getting promotion if nobody sees it. Share the links on your social media. If its a really good review for example add it to your press page on your website. If you can help bring more visitors to the site then you are more likely to get on it again in the future.

And that's pretty much it!

I'm sure there'll be some things Ive forgotten to mention, or even things you might just like to see more of yourself, so feel free to comment on the post.