Wednesday 12 August 2020

Cuban Pete - Hate Britain - NEW SONG & VIDEO

Cuban Pete drops a controversial new track with its sights firmly aimed at the 'far right' of the UK 
(and we don't mean Norwich)

No punches are pulled in this blistering attack on fascists in the UK that sees Cuban rapping over a beat he produced himself. It was actually the first beat he'd made himself which bodes well for the future.

The video features original and found footage to show exactly the type of so called 'patriots' that are in the firing line.

Cuban says "I'm sure I'll get the usual 'if you hate it here why don't you leave' comments but that's not what this tracks about. The hate I'm referring to is the hate these scum spread about. And I mean everyone from the government to the man on the street who suddenly feels comfortable enough to talk a load of bigotted bollocks."

Cuban decided to release clean versions of both the track and the video so the younger antifascists can join in.

Both versions are available on the C75 Live Bandcamp site HERE
The original version will be available on all digital platforms asap HERE

Watch the video below:
(Clean version HERE)