Monday 24 August 2020

Cuban Pete Readies New Single - 'Where You At'

Cuban Pete is releasing a new single to tide listeners over while putting the finishing touches to his Crown Jewels ep.

You can pre-save/pre-order the track HERE
More platforms will be added in the run up to the release date 15th September so check back if you're preferred choice isn't there yet.

'Where You At?' is another collab with producer Hanzo Bladez (the previous being 'Legendary Wingz').

The flute sample over the banging drums gives way to a French vocal and M.O.P. sample on the hook that contrast calm and aggressive tones. Cuts are provided by DJ Iceman of Big Boss Beatz.

Cuban's Crown Jewels collaborator BoFaat took time out to mix and master the track before they drop their ep which is being delayed for an exciting new addition to its line up. More news on that soon.

All the items featured on the artwork, done by Cuban himself, also feature in the song lyrics in some form. There will also be a video released shortly after the track drops that will clear up any unanswered questions about the items in the cover art.