Monday 21 December 2020

Cuban Pete Blurrr Remix Contest


Cuban Pete announced recently that he and producer PButcha are working on an ep together coming in 2021 and dropped a single called 'Blurrr'.

Unfortunately the beat for that project had already been used by another artist so Cuban is putting it out there for a remix contest.

To enter:

1. Remix 'Blurrr'. The track is 89bpm. Download the acapella and ref track HERE 
2. Winning remix will be on mixtapes and a Cuban Pete project. Full ascap/bmi credit given
3. Receive free gear from C75 Live and upcoming clothing label Flyway Robbery including tshirts, hats, etc
4. Promo for the track and you as a producer from C75 Live because.... we care about producers!
Email your remixed track to C75 Live
Don't forget to include your social media handles.


Check out PButchas work on Reverbnation HERE

Also check out the video of this track he did the beat for from Water Team members Nyy Brim and Chuck Lite featuring Method Man