Tuesday 29 December 2020

Cuban Pete on the cover of Underground Hip-Hop December Issue 25 - OUT NOW


2020 has had a lot of downs but career wise its been nothing but ups for Cuban Pete

From dropping 3 music projects, to his first time hosting an international mixtape, to commercial radio play, to rounding off the year with his first magazine cover!

Touted as "the most hated man in the UK" Cuban is maybe not, but he might well be within Hip Hop circles as will be evidenced in his upcoming release 'Everybody Hates Pete'. 

In his interview inside issue 25 Cuban lays out his thoughts on white rappers, his haters, his influences, and whats coming in the new year for him and C75 Live.

Check out and purchase the hard copy HERE

You can read the digital version HERE which also includes clickable video links making Underground Hip Hop magazine an interactive reading experience.