Saturday 19 March 2022

Ikom - V

German producer Ikom drops the ep 'V' with Dirt Platoon's Raf Almighty

Raf has been busy as of late with producer BigBob as part of the MC/producer duo Big Almighty but takes time out to add to his hectic schedule and bang out on this 5 track ep (4 and an intro).

Vocally this is the usual hardcore, but always thoughtful, rawness we've come to expect from Raf. RA the Rugged Man proteje A.F.R.O. joins in on the last track 'Perfect' with his trademark rapidfire flow.

Musically the beats are the perfect backdrop for the ruff rhymes with a brooding feel throughout.

Overall a solid project guarenteed to bring repeated listening.

Check it out below and Stream/Download HERE