Wednesday 16 March 2022

TheWordIsBond Review Of Best Bar Nun


When The Word Is Bond started in 2010, the hip-hop landscape was a different place, characterised by an overbearing commercial influence. In response, their vision was to promote the underground emcees they loved and share music which was underexposed.

12 years on and they have been able to connect artists with fans, sharing multi-media content which highlights the hip-hop they love. 

They continue in that tradition by shedding light on the new release from Cuban Pete and Loka; 'Best Bar Nun'.

Professional writer and journalist Marissa MJ Savino goes in depth with her thoughts on the project noting that "It’s fair to say, and evident based on his polished wordplay and cut-throat punchlines, that Pete brings nothing less than his A-game."

"In and out of the booth Cuban Pete sparks a bit of controversy with his thoughts on Hip Hop, his thoughts on current world issues, and doesn’t hold his breathe or fret if he offends anyone with his opinions. ‘Best Bar Nun’ reflects that, power 10."

"Once again, Cuban Pete displays his skillfully crafted lyricism and wordplay without disappointment."

Read the article in full HERE and pre-order the ep HERE