Friday 30 September 2022

Canibus x Stylez Tha Shadow Figure - Rip Tha Infinite

To Infinity, and beyond!

 Over the last couple months Stylez has let off a slew of singles from his Canibus project, unheard of for most 'remix' projects. 

This is more than just a standard remix project though. The acapellas from the highly regarded Poet Laureate Infinity project have been chopped and reworked to create new songs, with hooks, over Stylez well suited production.

Features have been limited to American Poets 2099 and Cuban Pete, who also created the artwork for the digital singles and album aswell as the limited edition CD. 

 Its been a big year for Canibus who, with A&R extraodinaire M-Eighty, has been releasing projects and exclusives every month this year so far. Go check them out at

Although strictly an unofficial project, designed to compliment the year of the Bis, Canibus gave it a well deserved nod through various social media interactions.

Check out the album below and go HERE to stream/download (name your price) or cop a limited edition CD with full artwork.