Monday 19 September 2022

KRiTTA - Deal Myself - Official Music Video


Kritta "Deal Myself" Directed by Sotrab

Kritta is a hip-hop musician from California’s Bay Area. Growing in scope and depth with each new release, his style has been deemed genuine, powerful, and often remarkably personal.

Asked to describe his songs personally, Kritta writes, “The intended meaning of my music is to inspire the listener. Recurring themes are personal growth, self-love, and hustling for your passions and dreams.

Kritta’s repertoire includes such popular drops as “Humble Beginnings” (2016), “I Got It” and “Black Orchid” (2017), and “Get You” (2018), as well as his release, “R.A.P (Rhythm and Poetry)” which was premiered on the world-famous "Sway in the Morning" radio show.

 Check out his latest video below: