Monday 23 August 2021

Krumbsnatcha aka Judah The Prince - Never Turn My Back

Krumbsnatcha aka Judah The Prince has taken listeners along on his spiritual renaissance via his music. 
Known commonly for his street commentary and aggressive lyrics that accompanied the 90s Hip Hop sound. He has since evolved allowing him to still present that content but from a more refined and reflective perspective. 
The latest single Never Turn My Back is a proclamation of his unwavering connection to his faith and his creator. 
This single continues the theme of mixing Reggae one drop percussion and samples with Hip Hop snares and kicks, giving the beat an instant nod factor while keeping a mid tempo mellow vibe. 
JTP grabs your attention immediately by stating "We are in some critical times. Shall I remind? He continues by offering counsel to stay focused and positive while reminding his listeners he is'nt perfect. The lyrics are easily relatable to the current events unfolding all  over the world. 
The production gives you a nice pulse to groove to, a chemistry designed to achieve the perfect balance of edutainment. Go listen. Its a guaranteed vibe!
Artwork by Cuban Pete/C75 Live

Get the single HERE and preview it below: